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An avalanche of concern




By Sam Lozier, Correspondent 

Ski blogger Sam Lozier is spending a chunk of this winter in Kashmir, India at Gulmarg.


Well, the third storm of the season decided to finally show up last night and has left us with a huge - and super dangerous - coating of snow up high. We were thinking of heading up to see about doing some backcountry skiing, but on the way to digging our snow pit, we heard loud womphing sounds as the snowpack collapsed around us. We dug a pit closer in than we’d expected to.



While digging the pit we were serenaded by the terrifying roars of massive avalanches ripping down the upper mountain as the storm raged on. After digging our pit and observing some disturbing behavior, we turned tail and ran back to the woods. Even in the woods we had some sketchy cracking in the snow; this is easily the most dangerous, and more importantly, obviously dangerous snowpack I’ve ever seen.


sam_crack.jpgOn the way down through the trees we saw even more cracking and collapsing as we made our way back to the hotel through knee-deep snow.


Since the main mountain was out for skiing, we headed up the steep, 500-foot-tall hill behind my hotel for the first time this season and found it surprisingly filled in. As the base of the hill is literally about 25 feet behind the hotel, and it only takes 15 minutes to hike up, I expect we’ll be up there a lot over the next few weeks as we see how this dangerous snowpack plays out. 





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