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Maple sugaring guide

Maple harvest season is late February to early April.
Maple shack map

Maple shack map

Find a New England sugar shack or maple farm near you.
maple sugar shack

From tap to table

Nothing signifies the end of winter like a trip to an authentic sugar shack. Take a tour of some of New England's delectable sugar houses.

Maple sugar 101

  • Origins: Quebec, Canada, and Vermont

    Traditional harvest: A maple tree is tapped through the bark and into the wood phloem, the sap runs into a bucket, and collected daily.

    Processing: Approximately 40 gallons of sap must be boiled down to make one gallon of syrup.

    Season: Generally Feb., March, and April

    Interesting fact: A hole must be drilled in a new location each year because of the natural healing process of trees, also known as walling-off.