6 Boston Escape Rooms That Cost You Nothing But Your Sanity

In this Sept. 22, 2014 photo, Konstantin Elizarov and Lucy Omelchenko prepare to play a game at Escape the Quest while handcuffed together in Miami Beach, Fla. Escape the Quest offers two games; Apartment 101 and Prison Escape, where groups of two to four have an hour to solve a puzzle and win their freedom. (AP Photo/J Pat Carter)
Escape room attractions like this one, Escape the Quest in Miami, are growing in popularity across the country. Save your money. Boston can satisfy your desire to feel trapped and frustrated for free.

“Escape room” attractions are gaining in popularity across the country, from San Francisco to New York to Boston. Thrill seekers are locked in a themed room (what’s your fancy? a jail cell, a mental hospital?) and must use clues and solve puzzles to free themselves from the space—and possibly each other (handcuffs feature in some scenarios). You can play for $28 at Escape Room Adventures in Charlestown. But why spend money? You’re in luck—you’re in Boston. Our city serves up a healthy dose of trapped frustration for free.

MBTA Green Line

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04/27/2007 BOSTON, MA Students of Boston Latin School scramble onto the Inbound E Green Line train at Longwood Station. Students that live further than two miles from school are given a free student pass. (Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe)
Commuters wait in line to board the Inbound E Green Line train at Longwood Station.
Aram Boghosian/The Boston Globe

The sheer volume of human bodies on the Green Line is nothing short of nauseating. Also nauseating: the body odor of the guy slammed up against your back.

Route 6

Cape lovers know that frolicking at the Cape’s pristine beaches, sand dunes, and lighthouses comes at a price — the traffic to get there. How many hours will it take you to escape this cluster*&$@?

July 31 1993 / Glob eStaff photo by John Tlumacki / The Sagamore Bridge which spans the Cape Cod Canal is jammed with traffic exiting the Cape which was backed up for 3 miles as well as traffic enteringthe Cape.
The Sagamore Bridge, which connects Cape Cod with the mainland of Massachusetts, is jammed with Cape traffic.
John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe

Quincy Market Colonnade

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- 06/07/2012 -- Shoppers walk through Quincy Market Thursday afternoon in downtown Boston. Brian Feulner for Boston.com
Tourists and locals navigate the food court at Faneuil Hall Marketplace.
The Boston Globe

Hope you like some elbows in your lobster bisque. And don’t even think about finding a seat.

A Rotary

Middleborough Ma 02/042014 Traffic pattern at rotary where several roads intersect. ( Jonathan.Wiggs )Topic:Section:Reporter: Topic: Reporter:
A rotary in Middleborough where several roads intersect.
Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe

There are more than 100 rotaries, or “roundabouts,” in Massachusetts. Those in the rotary should have the right of way. Yeah, right.

Fenway Park

07/07/14: Boston, MA: The game was delayed by about 35 minutes due to rain and a tornado warning in the area. Fans were asked to leave the bleachers all together, and to remain only in the covered areas of the grandstands as a precaution. This helped create a very crowded concourse full of fans behind the home plate area. The Boston Red Sox hosted the Chicago White Sox in a MLB game at Fenway Park. (Jim Davis/Globe Staff) section: sports topic: Red Sox-Cubs(1)
The lines are long at Fenway Park. And it’s not a quick exit after a game.
Jim Davis/The Boston Globe

The Red Sox have won, but you are about to lose — the battle, that is, to get past 40,000 fans to Yawkey Way.

Holiday parking at the Natick Mall

Natick, Massachusetts11-17-2011 Macy's Parking lot at The Natick Mall on Black Friday.Some shoppers had to wait to park. (Jonathan Wiggs ) Topic: Reporter:
Welcome to Macy's parking lot at The Natick Mall, where shoppers suffer lines to park during holiday season.
Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe

After fighting traffic just to get there, you’ll wait in line to nab a spot. Welcome to The Parking Games! May the odds be ever in your favor.