National Geographic Traveler honors founder of Pack for a Purpose


Rebecca Rothney's faith in human nature has been vindicated again. She is the co-founder of Pack for a Purpose, the organization that encourages travelers to use extra space in their luggage to take medical supplies, school materials, and even soccer balls to underdeveloped countries. We wrote about her in the Travel section in 2013 (see here). That's a picture of her above, with suitcases packed for a trip to Zambia. We were excited to learn last week that National Geographic Traveler has named Rothney as one of 10 “travelers of the year”—people who travel with passion and purpose and serve as an inspiration to others.

TravelerYear2014_Erik.jpg What started as a small idea—encouraging travelers to use extra space in their luggage to deliver supplies to communities that need it—has grown into a movement. Since it began in 2009, Pack for a Purpose has facilitated the delivery of more than 28.5 tons of needed supplies to more than 300 community projects in 62 countries all over the world. And 20 tons have come since the Globe article.

“I hope this accolade from National Geographic Traveler motivates many more travelers to add value to their vacations,” Rothney said, “making sure the trip they take goes much farther than the miles they travel.” To learn what you can do, see the non-profit organization's web site

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