Providence's East Side among top 10 'stylish' neighborhoods in U.S.

To anyone familiar with the place, this is a no-brainer: Providence's East Side, an eclectic mix of residential, retail and rich history, was listed among the top 10 "stylish" neighborhoods in the U.S. at Paste Magazine's website. We're not sure how they decided who made the cut or if the ranking is by favorite, but there was the East Side at number one, on a list that included 'hoods in California, Washington (DC and the state), Iowa, Illinois, Tennessee and Texas. 


The blurb lauds the area’s academic style, a place where free-wheeling RISD students mix with professors from Ivy League Brown University, and adds that no other city boasts such a wide and fashionable variety of cold weather gear during the school year, mentioning stores New and Vintage Apparel on Thayer Street and Marc Allen Fine Clothiers on South Main.


And stay tuned for nature’s fashion: Soon will be the best time to stroll the East Side’s Benefit Street and check out the spring bloom of stately trees lining the historic street.


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