Fiji's Laucala Island to offer submersible experience

Laucala Island, a private island in Fiji, will be the world's first resort to offer a DeepFlight Super Falcon submersible experience starting July 1. It’s a fun and expensive add-on activity, costing $2,000 an hour to rent. The craft, made by Hawkes Ocean Technologies, will allow guests a close-up view of the South Pacific, including the Great White Wall, about 40 minutes from the resort, a vertical wall of soft white coral.

a sub.jpg

Once owned by the Forbes family as a private escape, Laucala was bought in 2002 by Dietrich Mateschitz, CEO of Red Bull, and launched in 2011 as a private resort. The 3,200-acre island is located in the Fijian Pacific archipelago. For more information visit

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