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Cougar cruise to shove off

Posted by Paul Makishima, Globe Assistant Sunday Editor  September 29, 2009 07:46 AM

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America's marketing kings appear to believe that we just can't get enough of cougars. Television, for instance, is chock full. Saturday Night Live has a regularly running bit called "The Cougar Den'' about a fictional talk show, hosted by a group middle-aged women on the prowl; last spring TV Land brought us the reality show "The Cougar''; and this season we get ABC's "Cougar Town,'' and CBS's "Accidentally on Purpose.''

Now, Carnival Cruises, Singles Travel Company, and Society of Single Professionals bring you the first International Cougar Cruise on Dec. 4-7, departing from San Diego and headed to Ensenada, Mexico. The voyage will take place aboard Carnival’s Fun Ship Elation, and rates begin at $125 per person, double-occupancy, plus port charges and government fees.

Besides all the regular shipboard amenities, passengers who sign up through the Single Travel Company will get invitations to a series of shipboard parties. And the guest of honor will be Miss Cougar America, Gloria Navarro, 42, of Redwood City, Calif.
Here's to you, coo, coo, ca-choo.

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38 comments so far...
  1. Yeah Baby!! This should bring out all the geeks!

    Posted by Micky September 29, 09 01:03 PM
  1. I find this sort of thing deameaning to women!

    Posted by Victoria September 29, 09 02:05 PM
  1. Carnival Cruise Line is for white-trash, drunken, trailer-park living, skoal-dipping rednecks. I wonder how much communicable disease will be transmitted on these cruises? And how many unwanted pregnancies? I predict you'll hear "OSCAR-OSCAR-OSCAR" over the intercom more than once on these voyages!

    Posted by Chloe-OBrien September 29, 09 02:18 PM
  1. I wouldn't want to do the laundry on that cruise. Jeez!

    Posted by IamChachi September 29, 09 02:55 PM
  1. Ha, I love how the term Cougar is just now catching on with actual Cougars...this has been something the younger generation, teens and twenties have been saying for the past 10 years. WAAF's and former Boston Bruin L.B. practically pioneered the term about 7 years ago.

    Posted by matt September 29, 09 02:55 PM
  1. Pathetic this slang word has become part of our journalism. So WEAK!

    Posted by jeff September 29, 09 03:02 PM
  1. What a bad idea... this is worse than JDATE Spring Break. Way to let the cougars break loose aboard Carnival.

    Posted by bostonmeow September 29, 09 03:05 PM
  1. Do the females have to be 25?

    Posted by danno99 September 29, 09 03:17 PM
  1. Try 45, danno99.

    Posted by Harmy G September 29, 09 03:30 PM
  1. milfs galore!

    Posted by josh September 29, 09 03:38 PM
  1. What do you call a 45 year old man going after a women in her early twenties? Neverending double standards.

    Posted by Anne September 29, 09 03:48 PM
  1. Hey Victoria, how is this demeaning to women? It's allowing women who CHOOSE to go the option of finding a younger man who they apparently WANT to meet.

    And besides, Women find plenty of ways to demean themselves, don't blame others for their stupidity.

    This just in..YOU"RE ALL DONE.

    Posted by wilcs September 29, 09 03:53 PM
  1. I find this demeaning to men over fifty.

    Posted by IAmStillGoodAtFifty September 29, 09 04:00 PM
  1. Props to Doogie Howser for creating this word.

    Posted by cougar September 29, 09 04:09 PM
  1. Sounds like a lot of bitter, sexually frustrated people commenting here. My bet is you'll be the first ones on the passenger manifesto.

    Posted by Get real September 29, 09 04:16 PM
  1. One word - TACKY

    Posted by susan September 29, 09 04:17 PM
  1. I think that this was a long time coming because they have dating services and cruise for all categories. Cougars was the next category.

    Posted by Gary E. Haffer September 29, 09 04:17 PM
  1. Victoria says..."I find this sort of thing deameaning to women!" LOL. Get a clue lady.

    It's the women THEMSELVES that are all about this "sort of thing". It's today's 40-something hag who is afraid of getting older, hopped-up on anti-depressants, spending all her spare time in the gym, forgetting about her family - all in the interest of getting la*d by a man 1/2 her age. GREAT STUFF!! Welcome to today's standard people.

    Posted by Buzzy September 29, 09 04:18 PM
  1. And the "men" have to get permission slips from their mommies to attend.

    Posted by Mike September 29, 09 04:19 PM
  1. Did you see Miss Cougar America? She should be called Miss Ugly.

    Posted by southietransplant September 29, 09 04:30 PM
  1. Sorry, Chloe, you couldn't be more off-base. As someone who has cruised extensively, I can tell you that Carnival is a great cruise line. The one you want to stay away from is NCL -- "Freestyle Dining" is the biggest fraud in the cruise ship industry...

    Posted by Steve September 29, 09 04:33 PM
  1. My friends and I have been using the term "cougar" for at least a decade.

    Posted by Drew September 29, 09 04:42 PM
  1. ROAR!!!

    Posted by bonzo September 29, 09 04:44 PM
  1. Wouldn't real cougars prefer a 20-something cruise? Who are they supposed to hunt on this one???

    Posted by Kowboy September 29, 09 05:00 PM
  1. College guys cruise free?

    Posted by doug September 29, 09 05:19 PM
  1. Gayle and Laura, the track hags have already signed up or three cruises! Lookout quarterback look-a-likes, they're coming to get ya!

    Posted by JR September 29, 09 05:33 PM
  1. Ms. America and coo-coo ca-choo? You're calling her the walrus?

    Posted by chdi September 29, 09 05:41 PM
  1. Guess they won't be having a maiden voyage!

    Posted by Happily Married Cruiser September 29, 09 05:53 PM
  1. Where are they going to get the young guys who want to sleep with old women?

    Posted by L. M. B. Place September 29, 09 06:02 PM
  1. I was lucky enough to discover the magic of the cougar back when I was 21 and I never looked back.
    I consider a cougar to be an attractive woman who is between 35 to about 45. Other opinions?

    Posted by agnh September 29, 09 07:45 PM
  1. I mite signup for that cruze, so i can meat a nice older conservative women whose into torchure. Someone like Liz Cheney.

    I can dreem...............

    Posted by Jonny Wingnut September 29, 09 08:24 PM
  1. Tell me ladies, is it worth the effort and potential humiliation. Have some self-respect ladies. Take care of yourself!

    Posted by downeastjim September 29, 09 08:30 PM
  1. "Guess they won't be having a maiden voyage!" ... lmao!! so funny.
    Anyway, if that's what it takes to rock some lonely woman boat, then power to her.

    Posted by Kay Z September 29, 09 09:31 PM
  1. So, if you want to go out and have fun, even if you are not trying to hook-up with anyone, you risk this label. I hate that. I am not particularly interested in someone younger than me. I really do not like this term. What is the comparable one for men? There must be one.

    Posted by thedeb September 29, 09 09:37 PM
  1. Cougars and MILF's what a country...

    Everybody wants and needs some, what a way to make it happen.

    Posted by Dick Hertz from Holden, Ma. September 30, 09 04:24 PM
  1. Y'all are "missing the boat" here! Hot, experienced, erotic, confident, capable women are having a blast teaching younger men the Joy of Sex! It's consensual, so get over yourself! Both Parties Win!

    If you don't want to join in, then get out of the way...

    Oh, and have you ever noticed how uptight society is about men and women experiencing and expressing their sexual pleasure? Let's just admit how much we all love/want sex and how good it can feel and stop judging each other for a perfectly human form of expression.

    Posted by TB October 1, 09 03:26 AM
  1. first of all OLD women in their 40's....come on...get a clue...and if we are all fortunate enough we actually GET to grow old...i personally don't like the term either but is there an equivalent term for men who do this or is it still just "dirty old man"??

    Posted by Marsh October 1, 09 09:22 AM
  1. No, there is no male equivalent. It has gotten so bad that if you are a single woman in your 40's you seem to be automatically grouped into the "cougar" category. Demeaning and derogatory but just part of the coarsening of our culture.

    Posted by bsg143 October 3, 09 02:23 PM
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