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JetBlue details big Logan expansion

Posted by Paul Makishima, Globe Assistant Sunday Editor  December 16, 2008 11:45 AM

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JetBlue detailed what it called the first step in its Logan expansion plans with an increase of a total of 11 flights to 12 US cities starting May 1.
Besides its previously announced plans to resume flights between Boston and San Francisco with seasonal service, the discount carrier says it will add second daily flights to Charlotte, N.C.; Chicago O’Hare; Pittsburgh; and Raleigh/Durham, N.C.; a third flight to Buffalo, N.Y., and Long Beach, Calif.; sixth and seventh flights to Dulles; and a ninth and 10th flights to JFK.
JetBlue said in October that it was planning to increase its Logan presence.
Analysts have characterized the growth in Boston as very smart as it targets gaps left by other airlines, which either have dropped routes or are no longer serving them as well as they might.
Boston is already JetBlue's second-largest city, behind New York, and the carrier offers service to more destinations than any other at Logan.
Sebastian White, a JetBlue spokesman, said that he was not sure when the airline would disclose further expansion but expected that there would be more news in the first couple months of 2009.

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24 comments so far...
  1. Great! More airplanes clogging up our already congested skies!

    Posted by Keith December 16, 08 01:19 PM
  1. Going forward you will need to be far more concerned about the lack of air traffic and available routes. Between poverty and Peak Oil flying will become only the province of the very wealthy.

    Posted by Ross December 16, 08 01:33 PM
  1. Dude, what are you talking about? You are right, though. There is a lot of rush hour traffic in the ski. Go hug a tree.

    Posted by Ziggy December 16, 08 01:34 PM
  1. Jet Blue is the best airline out there right now. It is sad when flying on other airlines.

    Posted by Nico December 16, 08 01:55 PM
  1. Keith is so stupid ... he wuz probz educated @ that Charter skool.


    Posted by neworder December 16, 08 02:10 PM
  1. I think this is beneficial for New Englanders, both now and in the long run. Better to have low-cost carriers fighting over Boston, because the competition between these airlines will bring prices down overall. If Virgin America starts to expand and compete with JetBlue and the bigger carriers on popular routes, we could end up with reliably reasonable prices across the board. Yeah, air travel is expensive these days, especially in light of the economic climate, meaning most of us have to shelve our travel plans for a while. But I still think the airlines' interest in Boston is a good thing.

    Posted by Carl Unger, December 16, 08 02:15 PM
  1. JetBlue is awesome, the only airline I fly by choice, great to hear they will have more flights out of Boston.

    Posted by shananies December 16, 08 02:15 PM
  1. It's a great airline and in a time when businesses are fleeing the area, we should welcome this news with open arms.

    Posted by TheCount December 16, 08 02:18 PM
  1. There are dozens of cities that would give anything to have JetBlue service. We should appreciate our good fortune. They've had a few rough patches but seem to have a good sound business strategy that will enable them to survive a bad economy. In terms of customer service they are head and shoulders above the established airlines - no contest.

    Posted by Dan December 16, 08 03:12 PM
  1. Jet Blue is the best airline out there - more flights from them is great news.

    Posted by charles December 16, 08 03:18 PM
  1. I like to call them Jet Boo.
    But I agree, a top-flight airline...

    Posted by Wizard December 16, 08 05:16 PM
  1. Logan airport is the single most important economic engine in all of New England. It's not very large as airports go. Be happy that airlines that are not based in New England have the foresite to expand here in spite of not being considered a hub.

    Posted by Archimedes December 16, 08 06:16 PM
  1. Keith is not very bright. Plz forgive him.

    Posted by Donna December 16, 08 07:05 PM
  1. Yay! I fly Jet Blue whenever I get the chance. Free satellite TV, free snacks, and no charge to check 1 bag. I just wish they flew to Atlanta or Cleveland.

    Posted by Liz December 16, 08 11:30 PM
  1. When you fly Jet Blue it is a great flying experience. I fly it 20-25X/yr.
    I was a Delta and American customer but I got sick of flying the MD-80 'cattle cars' where you are sitting on the seat support bars because the padding of the seats are all worn out.
    Somebody 'gets' it at Jet Blue.

    Posted by gcwnsw December 17, 08 07:44 AM
  1. Thank goodness they're adding a flight to Charlotte. I work in New England but live in Charlotte and was taking the 7:00 p.m. direct flight back to CLT every Friday. I was devastated when they stopped it! I'm hoping that's the one they are adding back.

    Posted by causewaychaos December 17, 08 07:47 AM
  1. I just returned from four foreign countries. Airplanes routinely take and land twenty four hours per day. This would spread out air traffic and congestion at local airports.

    Posted by Allan December 17, 08 07:57 AM
  1. Keep expanding Jet Blue - its the only way that US Air will keep prices reasonable in competing cities. As an example, right now it costs about $1100 to fly from Boston to Philadelphia on US Air, yet it only cost about $260 if you fly from Green or Manchester. Why? Because US Air has no real competition on that route, and they have to contend with Southwest at Green and Manchester.

    As a very frequent flier (over 100 flights a year each year), I like it when I'm in first class 'cause I got a bump - otherwise, it's awful.

    Posted by John G. December 17, 08 08:36 AM
  1. My airline of choice is JetBlue. Good to see them expanding.

    Posted by Kev December 17, 08 08:38 AM
  1. JetBlue is the best! Individual TV is the new opiate for the masses. I could be delayed for an extra hour and won't care because I can watch World Series of Poker.

    Posted by Pat December 17, 08 10:15 AM
  1. I like JetBlue, but they no longer fly between Boston and Columbus, Ohio. Will they restore this service eventually?

    Posted by Ron Newman December 17, 08 05:34 PM
  1. JetBlue is first class. I think they should add more flight to cities like buffalo and charlotte.

    Posted by Derik December 17, 08 10:34 PM
  1. Would love to see JetBlue eventually fly into Miami, Philadelphia and Baltimore as well as other midwestern destinations. American and US Air are always having issues.

    Posted by Eugene January 22, 09 12:21 AM
  1. I live in maryland, and the closest airport I can fly out of to fly JetBlue is Washington Dulles, which is 2 1/2 hours away from my home. It would be nice to see JetBlue fly out of Baltimore to Miami. I flew American out of Baltimore to Miami and got delayed for 3 hours. JetBlue is nice though, best flying experience I've taken.

    Posted by J.T. April 12, 09 03:44 PM
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