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Help wanted: Wienermobile drivers

Posted by Paul Makishima, Globe Assistant Sunday Editor  December 5, 2008 07:52 AM

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See the world (or at least parts of the USA). Meet new and interesting people. Drive the Wienermobile.
Who knew it was a real job?
Oscar Meyer is taking resumes until the end of January for one-year spots as Hotdoggers. As an official company ambassador, you'll set up, publicize, and attend promotional and charity events in the oh-so-stylin' Wienermobile. And you may need to do radio interviews or make television appearances.
What are they looking for? First, it helps to have an upbeat, bubbly personality. They'd also prefer that you have a BA or BS in communications, PR, journalism, advertising, marketing. But if you really think you're Hotdogger material they'll consider other majors.
If you get hired, the gig comes with a "competitive'' salary (What does this mean? Are there legions of other Hotdoggers out there who might be making more or less than Oscar Meyer pays?), expenses, benefits, and clothing.
They send you to Hot Dog High in lovely Madison, Wis., for training on Oscar Meyer's products, how to run your own PR operation, and, most importantly, how to drive the Wienermobile.
You'll get teamed up with one other Hotdogger and have responsibility for a region. After six months, they'll give you a new partner in a new region so you get a chance to see a bit more of the country.
But be warned. Competition is fierce -- the company typically gets more than 1,000 applications for 12 spots. Statistically, you've got a much better shot at getting into Harvard (although if you make it, odds are you will have much more fun than if you'd ended up in Cambridge).
How to improve you chances? Crank up that perky quotient. Judging from the site, the ability to pun doesn't hurt, and if you habla espanol they seem to like that a lot.
For those who are interested, here's a link to their official Flickr group and to their blog.
It's nice to know that even in a down economy there are still dream jobs out there.

(Thanks to The Lost Girls for pointing us to this one.)

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18 comments so far...
  1. Bunderful story, Paul! Franks for helping us spread the word to future Hotdoggers!

    Posted by Wienermobile December 5, 08 06:12 PM
  1. Might not be a bad career move. As the Crisis of 2008 turns into the Collapse of 2009, many people will probably be surviving on cheap food such as hot dogs. I wouldn't be surprised to see a similar spike in hot dog sales (and other low quality meats) as happened with Spam over the last year.

    Posted by John December 5, 08 08:02 PM
  1. Hey Matt Amorello - I'm lookin' at you!

    Posted by MarkB December 5, 08 08:04 PM
  1. It's not a bunch of bologna...what a great job where you could 'catch-up' in life!

    Posted by ktk December 6, 08 10:17 AM
  1. John, If it gets as bad as I anticipate forget the dogs except for sunday supper - when the JIT supply chain slips a link there'll be nothing but "Wish Biscuits". As amusing as this job sounds unless they Armour the Wienermobile you won't find me behing the wheel of a high value target like this.

    Posted by Weisswurst December 7, 08 08:59 AM
  1. I've met one of these people, and their ability to wing it while still tossing out the puns is amazing. As is your ability to write this article without once using "cut the mustard."

    Posted by raincoaster December 7, 08 09:43 AM
  1. Hot Dog!!! Looks like the commentors for this post are on a roll...

    Posted by punalicious December 8, 08 10:51 AM
  1. (sing to the tune of "I Wish I Were an Oscar Mayer Weiner")

    (Sing to the tune of "I Wish I Were an Oscar Mayer Weiner"
    Oh, I wish I could apply for that job
    Cuz it is what I really want to be
    To drive the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile
    Would make me really, really, ha-ah-ppy.
    It sucks that I do not have a degree
    If I did I know that they'd pick me (ee, ee)
    I love to hand out Oscar Mayer whistles
    And drive a hot dog around the cuh-untry

    Posted by Too old and under-educated December 8, 08 12:52 PM
  1. I nominate: Tony Mazz

    Posted by Hoss December 8, 08 03:18 PM
  1. I would relish the opportunity to drive the weinermobile


    Posted by eric December 8, 08 03:26 PM
  1. I'm amazed you guys mustard the courage to post some of these comments.

    Posted by Columbine December 8, 08 05:16 PM
  1. This is my dream job. I'll quit my job as an ad agency ceo to do this in a flash.

    Posted by Bill December 9, 08 10:46 AM
  1. Can vegetarians apply? I hope they are an EOE...

    Posted by VeggieMight December 9, 08 11:54 AM
  1. Does it help with getting the job if you have a wiener dog as your sidekick?

    Posted by vicki December 9, 08 12:08 PM
  1. See the USA down the Wiener Way,
    Armour Star is asking you to call,
    Make a grand approach in your Wienee Coach,
    A hot dog stint's the greatest gig of all!

    Posted by Bob Boger December 12, 08 08:51 AM
  1. Hi OSM !!!
    My daughter , Tiffany McDowell, recently told me that she had applied for a job driving the weiner mobile across America; What a wonderful fun idea this would be and what fun it would be for a mother and daughter to tour America together and make people smile or feel better even if for a short while. Yes I'm applying too. I have excellent communication skills and have worked with people from all walks of life. I also have experience in merchandising and public speaking. And may I close with OSM means FAMILY. The family that eats together stays together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Jacqueline McDowell January 11, 09 01:12 AM
  1. i dont have afancy education, but i do have a clean d.l. retired 62 yrs of age great gift to gab, and i love to eat hotdogs [oscar mayer] remember the little boy on t.v. love to traveland see the rest of our great country.even thinking about opening upn my own kings weiner world if you dont need me now is the time, hot dogs are the food that america can survive on wow i love america and oscar mayer

    Posted by charles m king sr July 21, 09 09:46 AM
  1. My son recently applied. Please! Please! give him a shot. He would be perfect for the position!

    Posted by Antonia Valdez February 3, 10 09:10 PM
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