Girl’s Balloon Message to Deceased Dad Answered 436 Miles Away

We’ve all heard about messages in a bottle being sent out to sea.

This is a message on a star-shaped balloon that was sent up into the sky by a 16-year-old girl who hoped her deceased dad would somehow answer.

And many are saying he did.

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Ashlynn Marracino, a student in California, sent the balloon up on January 6, which was her dad’s birthday. She scrawled a letter on it.

She wrote, in part:

You have missed so much and I miss you. And I love you, miss you like crazzy!

She also asked him to send her a sign.

The balloon flew to Auburn, California, 436 miles away, and landed at a restaurant owned by Lisa Swisley. Swisley teared up while reading the message on the balloon and then turned to Facebook. She found Ashlynn’s page. But she decided to do more than that.

“I thought it would be so cool to send her something to show my support,” Swisley told ABC News. “I jumped on a pay-it-forward page I follow on Facebook, and asked people to contribute.”

Touched by the story, people responded by sending Ashlynn care packages and letters and even sharing their own heartache over losing a parent, ABC News reported.

Swisley and Ashlynn have since talked on Skype. When Swisley asked the girl if she wanted her balloon back, she said no.

“She said, if people can see it and be inspired, we should keep it here,” Swisley told ABC News. “She’s an amazing young lady.”