GoPro Found After 6 Months at Bottom of a Utah Lake

Footage taken in July by the lost GoPro of Dan Burkovskiy, left, at the Grand Canyon.
Footage taken in July by the lost GoPro of Dan Burkovskiy, left, at the Grand Canyon.
YouTube/Dan Burkovskiy

GoPro cameras are popular gadgets for travelers. Folks use them to capture the most epic images — from the Grand Canyon to the Egyptian pyramids to the Eiffel Tower.

But a GoPro making news this week went on a colossal adventure of its own.

After going on a cross country trip, it wound up at the bottom of a Utah lake, where it sat idle for six months. This week, it will be reunited with its owner.

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It all began when Dan Burkovskiy, 23, from California, took a cross-country road trip from Massachusetts to California with his three buddies in July. He, of course, brought his GoPro. The group of friends made stops in Niagara Falls, Chicago, Mount Rushmore, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and more.

But it was their stop at Lake Powell in Utah that proved unfortunate for the GoPro. In a moment of jest between friends in a kayak, the GoPro went overboard and fell to the bottom of the lake.

“I was really bummed out ‘cause, like, I saved pictures from, like, I think Chicago or something and after that everything was lost,” Burkovskiy told Fox 31.

Enter husband-and-wife scuba divers Mark and Allisa Oliger from Colorado. The couple was diving in Lake Powell on New Year’s Day when they found the GoPro 40 feet below the surface of the lake.

This mussel-encrusted GoPro sat at the bottom of a lake for six months.

The couple sometimes finds hidden treasures when they dive in the form of golf balls and broken fishing poles, said Allisa Oliger. But they were amazed this time to see a mussel-encrusted camera.

“There was just hundreds of pictures and video of these four kids,” said Allisa Oliger. “I thought, I’ve got to find this guy.”

Oliger turned, where else, to her computer. She typed “2014 cross country road trip” into the search box on YouTube. Using clues from the videos and photos on the GoPro, she discovered Burkovskiy was the owner.

“I recognized his face immediately,” Oliger told Fox.

Here is Burkovskiy’s video on YouTube, posted July 15, which includes footage at Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore, and the Grand Canyon:

The Oligers then searched for Burkovskiy on Facebook, found him, and got in touch.

Burkovskiy’s response when the couple wrote to him?

“OMG!” he told Fox with a laugh.

The Oligers have shipped the GoPro back to Burkovskiy.

“I’m just so glad they put their time and effort into finding me,” said Burkovskiy. “There’s still hope for humanity.”