#TSACatch on Instagram: The Weapons People Try to Fly With

Hand grenades. Swords. Loaded guns.

These are the weapons travelers are trying to board planes with. After the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) confiscates them, it takes pictures and posts the items on its Instagram account with the hashtag “TSACatch.” According to the TSA, firearms are the most frequently discovered items. In 2013, 1,813 firearms— five a day — were found at 205 airports across the nation (and 81 percent were loaded). Take a look at 10 of the weapons that have been confiscated in Boston and across the country.

The airport: Logan International Airport

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The weapon: Samurai sword

The airport: Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

The weapon: A grenade (hidden inside a toy penguin)

The airport: Newark Liberty International Airport

The weapon: A knife mounted to a walker

The airport: Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

The weapon: A hatchet

The airport: Yuma International Airport

The weapon: Bullet and gun knife

The airport: Greater Binghamton Airport

The weapon: Knives (disguised as keys)

The airport: Charlotte Douglas International Airport

The weapon: Loaded gun

The airport: Tampa International Airport

The weapon: Stun cane

The airport: Seattle—Tacoma International Airport

The weapon: Smoke grenade

The airport: Dallas Love Field

The weapon: Throwing stars