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Decadent grilled cheese

Posted by Rachel Kossman  October 18, 2011 08:17 AM

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Most people are a bit put off by food trucks. I understand why - the notion of your food being made on a moving vehicle and not a stove that's bolted to the ground is a bit strange. Maybe because I grew up in LA, where going to taco trucks was the norm, and where food trucks have been trendy for a long time. Whatever the reason, I'm envious of everyone who works downtown with tons of restaurants and food trucks to choose from on a daily basis (although my wallet is probably better off).

roxystruck.JPGSo as you can imagine, I'd heard plenty about Roxy's Grilled Cheese truck. As an avid Twitter user (follow me!) I knew that like many food trucks, they posted their whereabouts via their tweets. I guess in my naivety, I just assumed they stayed in the downtown area during lunch hours, and that I was out of luck.

So a few weeks ago when my roommate told me she was headed to Cleveland Circle for grilled cheese, I immediately perked up from my comfy spot on the couch. Apparently, the truck regularly makes evening stops right near my apartment and I had no idea.

Around 7, we walked down the hill to Chestnut Hill Ave and Beacon, where the truck was parked. Glowing in all its glory, the menu for the night was written on a whiteboard on the side of the truck. Sarah opted for the "Green Muenster" - a bacon, guacamole and muenster cheese combo - but I went bold and ordered the brie, duck, and cranberry sauce special of the night. It was a $10 commitment, but I was convinced it would be worth it. And I was right.

gc.JPGWe opted for blueberry lemonades (a bit bitter, but great with the grilled cheese) and an order of fries to split, then walked across the street to sit on a ledge and enjoy the warm summer evening. As we devoured our greasy, yet incredibly delicious, sandwiches, at least 3 different people stopped us to ask if we were eating from the truck across the street and inquire how the food was. We responded with enthusiasm, encouraging them to try a grilled cheese from Roxy's at least once.

Regardless of my infatuation with my sandwich that night, I wouldn't make Roxy's a regular excursion, and here's why.

I'm a firm believer that when I go out to eat, I want to order something I couldn't replicate myself. Now I'm not going to lie - I'm not fabulous in the kitchen. I can make a mean quesadilla, but aside from boiling pasta and sauteing vegetables, my expertise stop there (aside from my newly aquired egg poaching skills, of course.) But one thing I can make is grilled cheese. It is one of the cheapest, and easiest, sandwiches to create.

So my advice is this: if you're going to try Roxy's, go the way that I went and order something you wouldn't otherwise make yourself. The more gourmet, the better. Even with the hefty price tag, something tells me you won't regret it.

For more information on Roxy's Grilled Cheese truck and their destinations throughout the week, check out their website and their twitter feed.

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Rachel Kossman is a California girl and New England transplant who graduated from Northeastern University in 2011. She has a penchant for discovering new restaurants and bars, devouring Mexican food, More »

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