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Day 48:!

Posted by Adam Sell  August 17, 2008 10:44 PM

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boston60_logo.jpgI'm Adam Sell and I have two months left before I leave Boston. My challenge? Do something in the city every day. Have ideas for my adventure? Send me an email.

It's a good thing I'm no good at HTML coding, because I would totally put the Jeopardy theme song right here. That's right, boys and girls, tonight was trivia night for yours truly. Boston and the immediate suburbs are awesome for pub trivia, with a whole bunch of bars hosting events (almost always free) every night of the week. I took the opportunity to introduce a friend of mine to the fun at CitySide Bar and Grille in Cleveland Circle.

There are a lot of rules to pub trivia — not the least of which being you have to come up with an interesting team name. Being the children of the 90s that we are, my friend and I resorted quickly to Nickelodeon references. The winner? "Dare...Double Dare...PHYSICAL CHALLENGE!" Even the trivia jockey appreciated that one. After that, you've got to pick up on how the game is played. Four rounds, each with four questions. You pick a point value for your question based on the category, and you turn in your answer and assigned point value to the trivia jockey. In between each round is a bonus question — some involve pictures, some involve identifying a celebrity based on progressively obvious clues, and some might involve naming books based on their brief synopses. And then there's the final questions, where you wager points for two questions and hope you don't blow them.


Right here, I want to apologize to a family member who will be upset I got a particular question wrong. Uncle Pat, I blew a question on what dog group a Rhodesian Ridgeback belongs to. But "Dare...Double Dare...PHYSICAL CHALLENGE!" did quite well, considering most trivia teams are at least four people. Our two-man team remembered it was Alexander Hamilton who was killed in the duel with Aaron Burr, that the Caucasus mountains separated Europe from Asia, and that Plato was Socrates' student. But we forgot that Ira Glass hosted "This American Life", that Kilgore Trout is featured in Kurt Vonnegut's "Breakfast of Champions" not "Cat's Cradle," and who starred opposite Shia LaBoeuf in "Transformers." Even still, third place for a two-man team? I'm rather psyched with the results.

No prize for third, sadly. But after my long hiatus from trivia night, I'm glad I got back into it. And for the record, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are in the Hound group.

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