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Day 25: Solve like an Egyptian

Posted by Adam Sell  July 25, 2008 10:47 PM

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boston60_logo.jpgI'm Adam Sell and I have two months left before I leave Boston. My challenge? Do something in the city every day. Have ideas for my adventure? Send me an email.

Okay, I'm just gonna say it — "the dark" and I have never really been the best of buds. We're on speaking terms, but let's just say there's no love lost. So maybe it wasn't the wisest thing to go shut myself with a bunch of strangers inside an "ancient Egyptian burial chamber".

My Little Brother and I took on TOMB this afternoon. I described it to him, not actually knowing how it worked, as a cross between Indiana Jones and the old board game Clue. In retrospect, that probably wasn't the most accurate way to talk about the place, but it's not a terrible image to have going in.


As soon as the door shut behind us (despite my Little Brother's best efforts to throw his body in the path of the closing door), the flashlights all went out. And at that moment, I realized my Little and I had another thing in common, as he grabbed for my hand in the darkness. He's a real tough-guy on the baseball diamond, but turn the lights out and all bets are off. To get from one room to the next, the two of us had to work with the other folks in our expedition to solve several puzzles.

Being the Type-A leader wannabe that I am, I tried to take charge and inevitably botched the job in more than one way. "I've done these pyramid moving puzzles before, I can totally delegate this," I thought. Learned the hard way that doing a puzzle and telling other people how to do a puzzle are completely different animals. Heck, it's a good thing that Pharaoh was forgiving, cause we'd all be dead with my leadership skills at the helm.

After escaping from the wrath of the mummy, we agreed that the place was pretty cool, if more than a little bit eerie. And then we went out for ice cream. Because nothing says "I beat back a 3,000 year-old curse" like ColdStone, right?

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