Guidelines for visiting the Navy Week and OpSail ships

From June 28—July 6, Boston’s seaways will be full of ships thanks to the overlap of the War of 1812 bicentennial celebrations, Navy Week, and OpSail Boston. For those who wish to tour the ships, here are some general guidelines.

Remember that a ship is an industrial environment. There may be steep ladders and stairways to climb and uneven surfaces to traverse during a tour. So although there is no age requirement to tour the ships, tours may not be appropriate for small children and may be difficult for individuals with heart conditions, breathing difficulties, or other medical conditions that could affect their ability to navigate such challenges. The ships are not handicapped-accessible.

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Wear comfortable clothes and flat, rubber-soled shoes. Don’t wear high heels, open-toe shoes, necklaces, and other jewelry that can get caught on ship equipment, and bags that will be too heavy to carry comfortably. If you bring a handbag or camera case, it will be searched before you enter the ship.

Look for clearly marked entrances. Everyone must go through a security check before boarding any ship. The security check is similar to what is present at most airports and consists of a walk-through metal detector and/or wand scan. All adults must present a photo I.D. when going through security. Tours are open on a first-come, first-served basis; no reservations are required or accepted.

You can take photos on board the ships during tours. Items NOT permitted are: glass bottles, cans, or containers of any type; banners, posters, or signs of any type; mace, pepper spray, or other defensive sprays or chemicals; knives, firearms, fireworks, or any explosive; illegal drugs or paraphernalia; flammable liquids or aerosol spray cans; club weapons, and animals. The U.S. Navy reserves the right to prohibit other items not listed above.


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