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The Globe's top 10 local stories for 2005

1. Patriots win third Super Bowl in four years
OK, it's becoming old hat, but old hats fit the best and feel the warmest as the Bill Belichick-orchestrated dynasty rolls on.

2. Theo Epstein quits
So we were told. But was he fired? Is he really gone? Will he work behind a curtain like the Wizard of Oz? One of the strangest stories in Red Sox history involved the boywonder general manager.

3. Tedy Bruschi suffers stroke, makes dramatic return
The heart and soul of New England's defense got clearance from his doctors and blessings from his wife after sitting out the first six games.

4. Joe Thornton traded
Once he was going to be the Bruins' savior, now he's a Shark skating in the corners and away from in front of the net 3,000 miles away.

5. Johnny Damon signs with the Yankees
Teenage girls in Red Sox Nation are crushed as the team's resident rock star/leadoff man takes his act to the Big Apple.

6. Cam Neely and Wade Boggs inducted into Halls of Fame
One had 395 goals, the other 3,010 hits; both have eternal greatness as enshrined stars in Toronto and Cooperstown, respectively.

7. Manny Ramirez
He wanted out of Boston midway through the season, said he was kidding, but now says he was serious, he does want out.

8. Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel leave for head coaching jobs
They were cornerstones to Patriot greatness, but now they're at Notre Dame and the Cleveland Browns, respectively.

9. Antoine Walker and Paul Pierce
Walker returns to Boston in a trade, reunites with Pierce, and both are ejected in different games of a first-round playoff loss to Indiana, which prompts Walker's second trade from Boston.

10. Boston College's first year in the ACC
After a less-than-amicable divorce from the Big East, a 28-17 football loss to Florida State signals a new era in sports at the Heights.

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