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Unconventional preview: Patriots-Bills

Posted by Chad Finn, Globe Staff  September 7, 2013 09:53 AM

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1. Roster projections are interesting, and the debate is fun, but they are a total exercise in guesswork even for the most rational and informed reporters.

2. The final 53-man roster after the last cutdown is not the final 53-man roster at all. There will be plenty of auditions for the last 4-5 spots on the roster from players dismissed elsewhere. Welcome back, James Develin. Wish you could have stayed, Matt Mulligan.

3. Hold off on dropping the $100-plus for an authentic jersey of that hard-hitting veteran free-safety you're so happy Belichick brought in. Adrian Wilson, say hello to John Lynch. Oh, and have you met Tank Williams?

4. Call it the Brandon Merriweather Rule: If a veteran is getting significant playing time late in the final preseason game, don't take it as a surprise when he's not on the roster a few days down the road. Happened this year with Wilson (to some degree), Leon Washington (though he's now returned), and Jake Ballard. Tim Tebow doesn't count, since he was a fourth-string talent with a famous name.


That's not me saying that. That's the headline on one of the many YouTube videos of Buffalo's 31-0 whitewashing of the Patriots to open the 2003 season. (I know -- can you believe it's been 10 years since all that Lawyer Milloy/Sam Gash/Drew Bledsoe "we're a family here" nonsense? I bet not one of them has been back to Buffalo for a Bills family reunion since -- hell, all three probably now consider themselves Patriots first. Anyway, I post this not just because of the symmetry of 10 years, or that it's crazy that it has been 10 years, or any of that. I post it because it's a reminder of just how ridiculously good Patriots fans have had it since 2001. I mean, Bills fans regard this win as the greatest of the decade. Patriots fans? They regard it as a belch of a game that was perfectly avenged with a 31-0 win in the regular-season finale en route to the first of back-to-back Super Bowl titles. Footage of the Patriots' revenge victory is much tougher to find, and you do know why: Because in the last dozen years, it ranks as probably the 25th-to-30th most fulfilling victory. The Bills' greatest win -- their greatest win -- was avenged the same season, and the Patriots have beaten them in 18 of 19 meetings since. It's a good thing there's no sympathy when it comes to the NFL, because one might almost feel tempted to feel bad that they're still clinging to an irrelevant win a decade old.

Bills fans know him as a three-year defensive end who was once voted one of the team's worst first-round picks in a Buffalo News poll. The rest of us know him as the world's most methodical getaway driver.

PREDICTION, OR MAYBE THE BILLS WILL SIGN J.J. STOKES AND JOHN "J.J." JEFFERSON IN THEIR QUESTION FOR AN ALL-INITIALS OFFENSE It's going to be particularly fascinating, with the turnover and turmoil they endured this offseason, to see exactly what the Patriots' approach is on offense. How much do they go with the fast-paced approach, which worked so well in part because Aaron Hernandez was a matchup nightmare and the opposition couldn't get the right personnel on the field? Will a potentially diverse and versatile running game, with Stevan Ridley leading the way, be emphasized early and often? Or will Tom Brady and his relatively unfamiliar cast take advantage of the Bills' depleted defensive backfield? It's going to be fun getting answers, and I think Patriots fans will like the ones they get. The versatile defense will contain C.J. Spiller and make Manuel try to beat them, and he won't. The Patriots will improve to 14-4 against rookie quarterbacks in the Belichick Era and 1-0 this season.
Patriots 31, Bills 10.

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