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Pierce's health, and other points of interest

Posted by Chad Finn, Globe Staff  May 14, 2012 11:33 AM

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6. If the Red Sox send Felix Doubront to the bullpen to make room for Daisuke Matsuzaka in the rotation, their priorities are even more messed up than even the most skeptical among us might have suspected. Doubront has come through big in his last two starts -- once eating innings to spare a gassed bullpen, then pitching as brilliantly as any Sox starter has in recent memory -- and to shift his role just to make room for a perennial enigma who has been as spotty as ever during his rehab stint makes absolutely no sense.

7. The suggestion, which I've heard more than once on the Celtics' television postgame show, that Kevin Garnett is playing so brilliantly because he knows this is his last hurrah is a foolish one. Not only does that ignore the chief reason he's dominating -- his has the spring back in his legs -- it disregards the way KG has always played, which is all-out whether he's healthy or not. If anything, this mesmerizing postseason performance is driving up his sticker price for next year, and maybe another year or two beyond that.

8. I ask this question in all sincerity: Does anyone outside of the Red Sox front office and marketing branches care about the sellout distribution streak? Maybe I'm naive, but it seems to me the definition of a sellout shouldn't leave a lot of room for interpretation. It's when every ticket in the barn for an available seat is sold. It's a silly little game of semantics they are playing, and they're underestimating fans' intelligence, not to mention their tolerance for this special brand of nonsense right now.

9. Terry Francona is a better tactical manager than Bobby Valentine, he's a better television analyst than Bobby Valentine, and at this point, I wouldn't be shocked if he could whip up a better sandwich or do a better box-step than Bobby Valentine.

10. As for today's Completely Random Basketball Card:


He's 54 years old, and still I'm pretty sure he'd be the Sixers' best option for a last shot should it come down to the final possession tonight. He'd certainly scare old-school Celtics fans more than Andre Iguadola, Lou Williams, Evan Turner, or Jrue Holiday.

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