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Cowher knows what he's talking about

Posted by Chad Finn, Globe Staff  January 14, 2011 04:11 PM

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finncowher0114.jpgIn case you missed it (or tried to ignore it and just saw your luck take a terrible turn), today's media column/notebook is right here. It features more on the stratospheric NFL ratings, the good fortune CBS has with the intra-divison Pats-Jets and Ravens-Steelers rivalry matchups, and notes on Dickie V. reupping with ESPN and T.C. reupping with NESN.

There's also a thought from Phil Simms, who along with Jim Nantz will be in the booth at a Patriots game for the eighth time this season, on the Jets' chatty ways. CBS studio analyst Bill Cowher, who had a perm once, also touched on the topic, but that didn't make the column for space reasons. Maybe I should have used his more pointed comments instead. Have a look:

"I think Rex Ryan is being Rex Ryan. At some point it’s going to lose its luster…," said Cowher during a conference call this week with CBS NFL personnel. "The New England Patriots will say all the right things and they will say it’s just talk. But I can tell you back in that locker room and on Saturday night when Bill Belichick is talking to his team or Sunday morning, whenever that may be, some of those quotes will come back. And I’m going to tell you players can say what they want but you’re only going to be motivated by what you want. New England loves to make it personal. And Bill Belichick will make it personal. He’ll make his players make it personal. And I think I wouldn’t wake a sleeping giant. I think he may have done that."

Patriots fans require no reminder that Cowher is speaking from first-hand knowledge. His Steelers teams in the early 2000s -- particularly the 2001 squad -- were notorious for having a spotty record of backing up their bragging. It might be a stretch to say Cowher regrets letting his team talk so much smack, but it's apparent that some lesson -- perhaps "do not give Belichick ammunition" -- was learned. When he coaches again, it will be interesting to see if his new team is less verbally brazen than the ones he had in Pittsburgh.

By the way, has Kordell Stewart played that Super Bowl in his hometown yet? Seem to remember him mentioning he was looking forward to it.

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