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Posted by Chad Finn, Globe Staff  January 20, 2009 06:21 PM

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6. I've thoroughly enjoyed the Randy Moss era with the Patriots. But watching the Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald relentlessly go after the football when its in the air has reinforced the perception that Moss isn't always as aggressive as he should be when a pass is up for grabs. Or aggressive at all, really. I can admit it: He let down Matt Cassel just as much as he bailed him out this season.

7. Everything I have read suggests he's competent, innovative, and prepared, so why did I snicker when I heard the Jets had hired Rex Ryan as their head coach? Maybe it's because it seemed logical that they would shoot higher, perhaps for an accomplished name like Jon Gruden or Mike Shanahan. Or more likely, it's because he's named Rex.

8. I understand that Jason Varitek will have to swallow a heaping helping of pride in order to return to the Red Sox at this point, considering he's probably going to end up getting three fewer years and about $50 million less than his longtime peer and rival Jorge Posada got from the Yankees a season ago. But if he does come back -- and I truly hope he does, despite all of my snarky criticism -- it will go a long way in my mind toward confirming the depth of character that his supporters have long claimed he has.

9. Quick programming note: I'm going to start doing a weekly chat here at Boston.com, beginning this Friday at noonish. (I'll make a note of the official time later in the week.) So be sure to stop by and hit me with anything that's on your mind, from the Sox to "The Office" and everything in between. Seriously, ask away -- I'm worried that the only question I'll get is from my wife asking me why I didn't clean the litter box. (Answer: Ain't my job, wife. By the way, anyone got a couch I could crash on?)

10. As for today's Completely Random Baseball Card:

Because sometimes, it really is random. (Oh, who am I kidding. Wife-swapping ex-Yankees are never random.)

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