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Lost opportunity

Posted by Chad Finn, Globe Staff  November 3, 2008 03:54 PM

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6. I'm not sure why Bill Belichick chose last night to pay homage to Barry Switzer, Bruce Coslet, Dave Campo, and Rich Kotite and all the legendary coaching nitwits of the past (yes, I do believe that is an NFL Films special presentation) with some extremely questionable -- and ultimately costly -- decision-making, but I'm just going to chalk it up to a bad night at the office and move on. If anyone deserves a mulligan, it's him.

7. I'll need to see more before I'm convinced that BenJarvus Green-Ellis has enough pure ability to succeed in as an NFL running back, but I will say this for the kid supposedly known as "Law Firm": He hits the hole the way we always wished Happy Feet Maroney would. It's a start.

8. Ah, you had to figure Adam Vinatieri would beat his old team at least once before his Hall of Fame career is over, though it was somewhat surprising that it came on a kick that seemed to be a half-dozen yards outside of his range. But anyone who still thinks the Patriots made a mistake in letting him go . . . well, they just haven't been paying attention to the kicker Mr. Gostkowski has become. I had no doubt he would have drilled the tying field goal had Thomas not committed that pea-brained penalty knocking them out of range. Vinatieri still has the knack for being a hero, but at this point in time, the Patriots have a superior kicker.

9. How is a Patriots fan supposed to build up an appropriate disgust for Peyton Manning when he's so damn funny and self-deprecating in commercials such as this one? (Here's a link to many of his better ads.)

10. As for today's Completely Random Sports Illustrated Cover:

I have to admit, the "Football Night In America" pregame show is growing on me, even if they do cram more massive egos on the set than the 2009 Yankees will have in their clubhouse. I enjoy the Olbermann/Patrick "Big Show" flashbacks, and Cris "Why The Long Face?" Collinsworth is one of the better and more opinionated analysts around, even if he went a little over the top in ripping the Patriots during Spygate. Mostly, though, I'm just writing this item so you'll check out this old SI article on Collinsworth, who apparently was born talking and has not yet paused for breath.

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