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His colleagues at the Globe remember Will

Page 4 of 7 -- A few years back, when a dear friend/colleague of ours, assistant sports editor Robin Romano, died of cancer, we all wanted to do something to honor her memory. We came up with the idea of starting the Robin Romano Memorial Fund to help young people with cancer. And since Robin was as talented a golfer as an editor, the perfect way to raise money was with a golf tournament and sports auction.

Great idea, but how to pull it off? There was only one person to turn to - Will McDonough, who loved Robin as much as any of us and who probably knew as much about raising money for charity as he did about football. With Will's guidance, his connections, and of course his attention-grabbing voice and quick wit as auctioneer, the Romano Golf Tournament has been a tremendous success.

But that was what Will was all about. Sure, he skewered more than a few people in his columns over the years. But here's the real story. For every person who felt his wrath, there were a thousand who felt his generosity and whose lives were better because of him.
KEN FRATUS, assistant sports editor

As a member of the Sports copy desk, I've considered myself lucky to be able to edit the great Will McDonough over the years. We're happy being behind the scenes, yet Willie recognized our contribution ("Smooth that story out for me, will ya, Petey?") and always treated us well. But I'd be willing to bet no desk person burst into his consciousness with quite the bang I did. A few years back, Willie invited some of us to South Shore Country Club to play golf, and on my approach to the 18th hole, I thought I was 150 yards away when it was actually 100 or so (I've since had my eyes checked). I connected with a 5-iron, flying the green and smashing a top-floor window in the clubhouse. Other guys would have accepted my offer to pay for the damage; Will just laughed it off (everyone was doubled over, actually) and took care of it. He probably figured it was the cost of doing business, of getting another funny story to tell on the links. I figured it was a damn nice thing to do. The best part is, every time I badly overshoot a green from now on, I'll think of Will, which should be, on average, about a thousand times a year.
PETE GOODWIN, sports copy editor

I thought something from "Joe Public" might show another side of Will McDonough. In January of 1999, I had a business trip to Miami during Super Bowl week and thought about going to the game. I exhausted all my contacts and came up empty.   Continued...

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