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Loss of a legend
Will McDonough

Globe's McDonough dies at 67

Will McDonough, a sports reporter and columnist for The Boston Globe for 41 years whose byline made readers sit up and take notice, died of a heart attack at his home in Hingham on Thursday night. He was 67. For those legions who follow sports in Boston, across New England, and around the nation, the name Will McDonough above a story signaled that reliable, and often exclusive, news was coming along. (Boston Globe, 5/28/03)

He touched the lives of others

Appearance, artifice meant nothing to Will McDonough, who died late Thursday night at the age of 67. Substance was what mattered. Those who had it, he embraced. Those who tried to snow him - and, by extension, the public - with superficiality, he scorned. For 45 years, that was his credo and his legacy. (Boston Globe, 5/28/03)

Tributes filled the airwaves

News of Will McDonough's death stunned the Boston sports media. (Boston Globe, 5/28/03)
Best reporter
Will McDonough was the greatest sports reporter. (By Bob Ryan, Boston Globe)
Strong absence
Filling this portion of the paper was the weekly task of Will McDonough. (By Ron Borges, Boston Globe)
The real story
How do you repay someone who always had your back? (By Jackie MacMullan, Boston Globe)
Great influence
For many sportswriters, Will McDonough was our Babe Ruth. (By Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe)
How does one encapsulate a 44-year sportswriting career? (By Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe)
Rewriting rules
It was fate that Will McDonough died while watching ''SportsCenter.'' (By Bill Griffith, Boston Globe)

Giant wrote the book

So how did Will McDonough use his four decades as a sports reporter and columnist for the Globe to build up a credibility that brooks few, if any, comparisons, in the newspaper's - and the city's - journalistic history? (By Tom Mulvoy, Boston Globe)

Call this space 'thank you notes'

Today, I am attempting to do the impossible. For decades, my father filled this space with his unique style and perspective that nearly always elicited a response from his readers. I am trying to fill those shoes just this once. (By Sean McDonough, Boston Globe)
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