2009 EMASS Football Preview

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Div 3A South Shore


  • Last year's record: 11-1
  • Strength: Backfield.
  • Concerns: After graduation of All-Scholastic Kalonji Kabongo, the offensive and defensive lines will have to improve quickly.
  • Coach: James Kelliher (35th season, 177-163-7)
  • Playing surface: Grass
  • Schedule: Complete list of games
  • showReturning: 4 lettermen
    • Rich Curtain, DE, Senior
    • Connor Fraser, DL, Junior
    • Kristian LaPointe, Senior, 5-9, 165
    • Zach Littman, DB, Junior

Abington is again looking to return to the post season after winning the South Shore title and finishing 11-1 overall last fall. The Green wave will be led by SSL All-Star and senior running back Kristian LaPointe. Veteran coach Jim Kelliher said that in addition to LaPointe he will be looking to his seniors for leadership while hoping to avoid mental mistakes early in the season. After preseason practice Kelliher said he's pleased with his players' attitude and overall enthusiasm. Kelliher is only looking ahead to their first game against Hanover Friday. "Anything beyond that has no meaning," he said. "We'll work hard and be aggressive. We'll show a good football game, as the next [few] days unfold we'll do what we can and get the results we expect."


  • Last year's record: 6-5
  • Strength: Team speed, experience at receivers.
  • Concerns: Offensive line.
  • Coach: Michael Fraccalossi (12th season, 59-51-3)
  • Playing surface: Grass
  • Schedule: Complete list of games
  • showReturning: 15 lettermen
    • Sean Bamberry, DB/RB, Junior, 5-10, 160
    • Mike Bamberry, CB/RB, Junior, 5-10, 160
    • Mike Cabral, G/LB, Senior, 5-11, 165
    • Tom Coyne, RB/DB, Senior, 5-9, 160
    • Mike Dias, DE/TE, Senior, 6-3, 210
    • Anthony Fulmine, T/DT, Junior, 6-1, 225
    • Brandon Kingston, DE/T, Senior, 6-1, 255
    • Dave Lake, RB/LB, Senior, 6-1, 190
    • Colon Lauzon, T/DT, Senior, 5-11, 210
    • Shaun Mahoney, Senior, 5-11, 205
    • Owen Moore, QB/LB, Junior, 6-1, 205
    • Ryan O'Keefe, C/LB, Junior, 5-10, 180
    • Devin Rudolph, RB/LB, Senior, 5-9, 165
    • Pat Tighe, SE/S, Senior, 6-3, 200
    • Zack Wiggins, RB/DB, Junior, 5-8, 160

Carver will once again rely on its running game to fly by the competition and improve upon last year's record of 6-5. Coach Michael Fraccalossi believes Carver will be very competitive and have a shot at the South Shore League title. He said they are a "very fast team and pretty well balanced." Specifically, look to senior running back Tom Coyne and "exceptional" cornerback Owen Moore to lead the team in yards on the ground and in attitude. On the defensive end, Fraccalossi praised Dave Lake and Mike Dias as having "done well" in the off season and preseason.


  • Last year's record: 7-4
  • Strength: Most of skilled position players are back.
  • Concerns: Depth and experience on the line. Lost four senior linemen, leaving only two returning starters on the line.
  • Coach: Peter Afanasiw (4th season, 18-11-2)
  • Playing surface: Grass
  • Schedule: Complete list of games
  • showReturning: 12 lettermen
    • Thomas Barrett, OL/DL, Senior, 5-10, 205
    • Jack Carrier, WR/DB, Junior, 6-0, 175
    • Jeff Charles, WR/DB, Senior, 6-1, 170
    • Thomas Flibotte, RB/DB, Junior, 6-0, 180
    • Alex Kinnealley, OL/DL, Junior, 5-10, 220
    • Sam Leahy, OL/DL, Junior, 6-3, 210
    • Billy Mack, OL/DL, Junior, 5-11, 170
    • Andy McKenna, LB, Senior, 5-9, 165
    • Kevin O'Connell, OL/DL, Senior, 5-10, 215
    • Graham Stevenson, DE, Senior, 6-1, 200
    • Eric Wasel, OL/DL, Junior, 6-2, 190
    • Cam Washak, OL/DL, Senior, 6-2, 230

Cohasset's main concern this season is numbers. Coach Peter Afanasiw said his team just doesn't have the numbers to absorb injury or the flu as they are by far the smallest school in their entire league. "We're planning for contingency plans, backups that may have to play multiple positions," he said. "If we lost one person it changes the entire dynamic of the team." Afanasiw added that staying competitive in the league is what they're striving for and if they can play well in the SSL, "then that's great." Dana Valentine, senior running back, is one specific player Afanasiw wants to stay healthy. "He's a very hard, explosive runner. As long as we can keep him healthy he should be able to keep us in some games."

East Bridgewater

  • Last year's record: 4-6
  • Strength: Offensive and defensive lines.
  • Concerns: Depth.
  • Coach: Shawn Tarpey (5th season, 16-24-1)
  • Playing surface: Grass
  • Schedule: Complete list of games
  • showReturning: 12 lettermen
    • Christopher Brandon, TE/DE, Senior, 6-1, 190
    • William Britton, FB/LB, Junior, 6-0, 180
    • Jared Contre, RB/DB, Junior, 6-0, 175
    • Shane Fabroski, SE/DB, Senior, 5-8, 165
    • Joseph Hak, OL/DL, Junior, 6-3, 215
    • Marc Lawrence, SE/TE, Senior, 6-1, 180
    • Cory McLaughlin, RB/DB, Senior, 5-9, 165
    • Paul O'Brien, SE/DB, Senior, 5-10, 170
    • Kyle O'Brien, QB/DB, Senior, 5-8, 160
    • Jordan O'Neill, OL/DL, Senior, 5-10, 205
    • Dominic Puopolo, OL/DL, Senior, 6-0, 250
    • Brian Sullivan, OL/DL, Senior, 5-7, 200

Unlike the beginning of last fall, East Bridgewater is starting the 2009-2010 season off with several returning starters. Taking that into account, they are looking to improve upon last year's record and compete with the top teams in the league. Seniors Cory McLaughlin, Kyle O’Brien, Dominic Puopolo, and Jordan O’Neill are all players to watch, along with junior running back Jared Contre and sophomore running back Casey DeAndrade. "With many returning players we look to make a run at the top of the league," said Tarpey.


  • Last year's record: 6-5
  • Strength: Speed and athleticism.
  • Concerns: As always with a school with just 160 boys - depth.
  • Coach: Jake McGrath (7th season, 24-39)
  • Playing surface: Grass
  • Schedule: Complete list of games
  • showReturning: 6 lettermen
    • Connor Duhaime, WR/LB, Junior, 5-8, 165
    • Ethan Hanks, RB/LB, Senior, 6-0, 185
    • Kurtis Harding, OL/DL, Senior, 6-0, 200
    • Mark Mainini, RB/S, Junior, 5-8, 160
    • Joe Miller, OL/DL, Senior, 6-1, 200
    • Dan Shea, RB/LB, Senior, 6-1, 190

Hull is keeping an optimistic outlook as another team with the risk of little or no backup players because of sheer numbers. Coach McGrath though is confident in a good off-season training program, "that will hopefully keep everybody healthy." A new QB, junior Sean Carroll, is taking the reigns for Hull this season. "He's a smart, hard-working kid," said McGrath. "Good speed. I'm confident he'll be able to run the team effectively."


  • Last year's record: 10-1
  • Strength: Defensive tackles
  • Concerns: Numbers and depth a huge concern with just 25 players who are sophomores or older.
  • Coach: Matt Triveri (5th season, 31-12)
  • Playing surface: Grass
  • Schedule: Complete list of games
  • showReturning: 7 lettermen
    • Devin Andrade, QB/S, Senior, 5-11, 170
    • Peter Cogswell, FB/LB, Senior, 5-10, 200
    • David Cronin, OG/DT, Senior, 6-3, 250
    • Nick Hannan, DT/OT, Junior, 6-1, 260
    • Stone Koury, TE/LB, Senior, 6-1, 175
    • Zack Martin, RB/LB, Junior, 5-10, 195
    • Robbie Raymond, WR/DB, Senior, 5-10, 170

In order for Mashpee to repeat a near-perfect regular season, coach Triveri knows his players need to stay healthy. Mashpee is entering the season with a total of 25 players, sophomores through seniors, and nine freshmen. "Guys have to learn multiple positions," Triveri said. "We can be competitive if we can stay healthy. If not we're a JV team. We're gonna make mistakes and possibly we'll look bad at times but I think we can look good at times too." The transfer of junior Larry Green is a big loss. The former running back had 11 touchdowns and 68 points last season. Triveri is focusing on week one, adding that when you have 25 guys it's week to week. "We're young but the learning curve is better than I thought."


  • Last year's record: 0-11
  • Strength: Lots of experience. Great attitude. 18 seniors
  • Concerns: Getting off on the right foot. Putting last year to bed. Not even considering that. Just a blip and keep on going with what we’ve been doing over the year.
  • Coach: James Sullivan (21st season, 132-77-6)
  • Playing surface: Grass
  • Schedule: Complete list of games
  • showReturning: 9 lettermen
    • Tim Breen, G/DT, Senior, 5-11, 200
    • Adrian Chavez, DE, Junior, 6-1, 200
    • A.J. DeBenedictis, FB/LB, Senior, 6-0, 190
    • Chris Greene, RB/LB, Senior, 5-11, 165
    • Matt Kwaznik, G/DT, Senior, 5-10, 160
    • Dan Regan, DB, Senior, 6-2, 170
    • C.J. Rhitcher, T/DT, Senior, 5-11, 230
    • Ryan Vaughn, T/LB, Junior, 6-2, 210
    • Dom Wooten, TE/DE, Senior, 6-6, 225

The first step for Norwell this season is "putting last year to bed," said Coach Sullivan. "We're not even considering that," he said. Norwell's senior laden team is led by Dom Wooten. The 6-6, tight end "is a very big target" according to Sullivan. Dan Regan started four games at QB last year and "looks strong." Sullivan is confident in his athletes and hopes that Norwell has enough size to block for the runners, including Senior running back Chris Greene. "We've wanted to turn things around the day after Thanksgiving [last year]," Sullivan said. "We’ve been waiting to turn it around. These kids are used to winning, they’re used to playing with tons of heart. There were probably three or four games we could have won last year. The kids are not even talking about last year."

10 games to watch


BC High has won both times they met in the past year, including last season's nail-biting Super Bowl.


Walpole hopes to put a tumultuous off-season in the rearview mirror as they start their 2009 campaign.


In an interesting non-league match-up, Hurd Stadium in Beverly will host its first-ever night football game.