2009 EMASS Football Preview

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Div 2 Hockomock


  • Last year's record: 4-6
  • Strength: Experience at running back and size on the defensive line.
  • Concerns: Inexperience on the offensive line and at linebacker.
  • Coach: Jim Goff (5th season, 8-32)
  • Playing surface: Artificial turf
  • Schedule: Complete list of games
  • showReturning: 11 lettermen
    • Marc Abelard, RB/DB, Senior, 6-2, 205
    • Ryan Conrad, OL/DL, Junior, 6-2, 195
    • Joey Douglas, RB/CB, Senior, 6-0, 190
    • Jordan Guyton, RB/CB, Senior, 6-0, 210
    • Jack Lamir, WR/DB, Senior, 6-2, 185
    • Anthony LaRose, RB/LB, Junior, 5-9, 195
    • Tyler Matt, OL/DL, Senior, 5-10, 220
    • Matt McLaughlin, LB, Junior, 5-10, 180
    • AJ Nichols, TE/DL, Senior, 6-3, 255
    • Mike Oldenburg, QB/DB, Junior, 6-1, 180
    • Darrius Wood, OL/DL, Senior, 5-9, 215

Jim Goff enters his fifth year at Canton with optimism. Canton has added wins to its record every year he has coached and last year's 4-6 season was the Bulldogs best since the 1990's. This season, Goff will look to his stable of running backs to drive the offense. Senior Jordan Guyton returns after being injured most of last year. He gained more than 1,000 yards as a sophomore and Goff expects him to be productive again this year. Another area of his team that he is happy with is the defensive line. Goff has good size on the line and hopes it will enable the players behind them to make plays on the ball. "We have good size on the line," said Goff. "Hopefully [the line] can make running difficult and keep the offensive line off our linebackers."


  • Last year's record: 3-8
  • Strength: Running game.
  • Concerns: Filling the quarterback spot
  • Coach: Jack Martinelli (28th season, 211-71-5)
  • Playing surface: Grass
  • Schedule: Complete list of games
  • showReturning: 19 lettermen
    • Nick Bronsdon, DB, Senior, 6-0, 180
    • Gabe Brown, WR/DB, Senior, 5-9, 170
    • James Careu, OL/DE, Senior, 6-1, 205
    • Mike Delaney, RB, Senior, 6-3, 215
    • Matt DiFazio, OL, Senior, 5-11, 205
    • Matt DiMartino, DL, Senior, 6-3, 255
    • Max Guy, OL, Junior, 6-5, 285
    • Zach Hadge, TE/DE, Senior, 6-1, 200
    • Joe McGahan, LB, Senior, 5-11, 190
    • Dillon Myers, SE/DB, Senior, 6-3, 175
    • Steve Nixon, DB, Senior, 5-9, 155
    • Shaun Nolan, QB, Senior, 5-11, 170
    • Ed Noonan, LB, Senior, 5-9, 165
    • Jim Sherwood, DL, Senior, 6-3, 255
    • JP Slaby, RB/LB, Senior, 5-11, 175
    • Luke Soccorso, FB/LB, Senior, 6-1, 200
    • Ty Stencer, SE/DB, Senior, 6-2, 175
    • Jeremiah Washington, OL, Senior, 5-11, 235
    • Connor Whelan, OL, Junior, 6-3

Last year's record was uncharacteristic for Foxborough. That said, coach Jack Martinelli expects his team to rebound this year and compete for a Hockomock League title. Martinelli will lean on his running game to propel Foxborough to victory. Mike Delaney returns after gaining 1500 yards last season and Luke Soccorso will be used to wear down opponents. Another area where Martinelli is seeing improvement is with his run defense. "Our run defense has been very strong during the preseason," said Martinelli. While the running game will be a strength, the person handing the ball to the backs is still unknown. Martinelli has three players competing for the quarterback slot - Shaun Nolan, Steve Fitzmaurice and sophomore Nick Sestito. If Martinelli can coax efficient play out of his quarterbacks, Foxborough will be a solid and dangerous team.


  • Last year's record: 7-4
  • Strength: Skill players, speed, and experience.
  • Concerns: Depth
  • Coach: Brad Sidwell (13th season, 76-63-3)
  • Playing surface: Artificial turf
  • Schedule: Complete list of games
  • showReturning: 18 lettermen
    • Kevin Brunelli, OL/LB, Junior, 6-0, 200
    • Matt Carini, RB/DB, Senior, 5-10, 190
    • Nick Colson, QB/DB, Senior, 6-3, 190
    • Luke Cowper, OL/LB, Junior, 6-2, 192
    • Paul Dassau, WR/DB, Senior, 5-9, 170
    • Chris Davenport, OL/DL, Senior, 6-1, 245
    • Greg Dellorco, TE/LB, Senior, 6-2, 190
    • Joe Flynn, TE/LB, Senior, 6-0, 175
    • Brian Garvey, RB/DB, Senior, 5-8, 185
    • Mike Gill, OL/DL, Junior, 6-0, 235
    • Mike Hoey, OL/LB, Senior, 5-11, 206
    • Mike McGowan, WR/DB, Senior, 6-2, 182
    • Jordan Nesmith, WR/DB, Senior, 5-10, 166
    • Zack Price, WR/LB, Senior, 6-2, 196
    • Pat Riggs, OL/DL, Senior, 6-4, 294
    • Sam Scoba, WR/DB, Senior, 5-9, 160
    • Peter Vizakis, OL/DL, Senior, 5-8, 190
    • Colin Young, OL/DL, Senior, 6-1, 240

Coach Brad Sidwell hopes that his team's experience will help them contend with the top teams in the Hockomock. Matt Carini returns at running back and is expected to be one of the top backs in the Hock. Also returning is starting quarterback Nick Colson. With those pieces in place, Sidwell believes his team has the making of a contender. Franklin will rely on its speed and skill to break down opponents. Sidwell also hopes that his returning players will help school the younger players in order to make the Panthers a solid team. Sidwell is concerned about his team's depth due to the Hockomock being a tough, physical league.

King Philip

  • Last year's record: 9-2
  • Strength: Quarterback, running game and veteran leadership
  • Concerns: Physical size.
  • Coach: Brian Lee (5th season, 17-26)
  • Playing surface: Grass
  • Schedule: Complete list of games
  • showReturning: 13 lettermen
    • Matt Anderson, OL/DL, Senior, 5-11, 275
    • Adam Boari, OL, Junior, 6-3, 230
    • Chris Cacciola, RB, Junior, 6-2, 185
    • Nick Calvano, OL/DL, Senior, 5-10, 200
    • Mike Cochrane, WR/DB, Senior, 5-10, 165
    • Kevin Donahue, LB, Senior, 5-10, 180
    • Brandon Howard, QB, Senior, 6-5, 230
    • Jimmy Johnston, LB, Junior, 5-11, 195
    • Alec May, DE, Junior, 6-2, 200
    • Joe Napoli, OL, Senior, 6-2, 215
    • Mark Pagliarini, LB, Senior, 5-9, 175
    • Connor Richards, WR, Senior, 6-3, 185
    • Brian Spigarolo, FB, Senior, 5-11, 230

King Philip opened a lot of eyes last year, rolling to a 9-2 record and placing lofty expectations on this year’s team. The Warriors return most of their key players from last year and hope to be able to compete for a Hockomock League title. If they want to contend for a title, Globe All-Scholastic quarterback Brandon Howard will have to be just as productive as he was last year. The 6’5” 230 pounder has an accurate arm and is a smart decision maker. Along with Howard, Coach Lee believes that running back Chris Cacciola is primed for a head turning year. “Chris is a hard runner,” said Lee. “He goes as hard as he can. He is big and strong and can handle a big work load.” On defense, the Warriors will look to attack opponents with their speed. Even with all their speed, Lee is worried that his team isn’t that physically big. The Warriors will have to use that speed to get their opponents off the field before the bigger teams in their league wear them down. If King Philip is able to do this consistently, it will have as good a chance as any team to take the Hockomock League crown.


  • Last year's record: 8-3 (forfeits, playoffs no count
  • Strength: Experience at the skill.
  • Concerns: Experience on the lines.
  • Coach: Mike Redding (22nd season, 166-56-4)
  • Playing surface: Artificial turf
  • Schedule: Complete list of games
  • showReturning: 10 lettermen
    • Nick Ahlquist, OL/LB, Senior, 5-11, 200
    • Nik Busharis, QB, Senior, 6-3, 185
    • Rodney Chance, DB/SE, Senior, 5-11, 170
    • Dakota Cullen, OL/DL, Senior, 6-3, 290
    • Cody Curelop, OL/DL, Senior, 6-1, 265
    • Shawn Doherty, RB/LB, Senior, 5-10, 190
    • Alex Galanis, LB, Senior, 5-10, 190
    • Kevon Rogers, DB/RB, Senior, 5-11, 175
    • Matt Schafer, TE/LB, Senior, 6-1, 195
    • Matt Zonghetti, RB/DB, Senior, 5-11, 170

Mansfield returns a boatload of talent after making it all the way to the Super Bowl last year. In the backfield, Shawn Doherty returns to lead a stable of backs who torched opposing defenses last season. This year, coach Mike Redding wants to get Doherty more touches. "Shawn had over 1000 yards rushing last year," said Redding. "He only got 10 carries a game and we want him to touch the ball even more." Joining Doherty in the backfield are Kevone Rogers and Matt Zonghetti. Defensively, Mansfield returns its linebackers including leading tackler Matt Schafer. "Returning all three linebackers is a good way to build a defense," said Redding. One area where Redding is concerned is with his line play. Dakota Cullen and Cody Curelop return to anchor the line, but after them, there aren't many players with experience. "Cody and Dakota are a good foundation, but the lines development and getting the young guys up to speed will determine our success," said Redding.

North Attleborough

  • Last year's record: 7-3
  • Strength: Skill players and athletes who can run and catch.
  • Concerns: Physical size of the team.
  • Coach: Don Johnson (1st season)
  • Playing surface: Grass
  • Schedule: Complete list of games
  • showReturning: 17 lettermen
    • Evan Dean, TE, Senior, 5-10, 185
    • Ryan Flannery, SE, Junior, 6-3, 180
    • Josh Harris, LB, Senior, 5-10, 180
    • Joe Kummer, QB, Junior, 5-10, 160
    • Jesse Kummer, C, Senior, 5-9, 180
    • Danny Lang, SE, Senior, 6-0, 170
    • Brett Mastropoll, RB, Senior, 5-11, 175
    • Paul McCarthy, DB, Junior, 5-11, 150
    • Matt Moore, LB, Senior, 5-10, 165
    • Josh Mullaney, OL, Senior, 5-11, 210
    • Dylan Rayburg, DB, Senior, 5-7, 160
    • Bob Richman, DT, Junior, 6-0, 250
    • Jeremy Roche, DE, Senior, 6-1, 185
    • Elias Sarkis, OL, Senior, 6-1, 165
    • Steve Sellner, SE/DB, Senior, 5-11, 175
    • Brady Shorey, RB, Junior, 5-7, 165
    • Cory Wynn, K, Senior, 5-8, 160

Long time assistant Don Johnson takes over the reigns of the Red Rocketeers from Kurt Kummer. Johnson is optimistic about his team's chances in the Hockomock League this year. "I am optimistic," said Johnson. "We have a lot more speed than we usually have on defense." While the defense might be speedy, the offense shouldn't be a slouch either. Joe Kummer is back at quarterback. Joe Kummer is an athletic quarterback who can beat you with his legs and arms. Kummer's favorite target, Danny Lang, also returns. "They have chemistry," said Johnson. "They are our big play threat." Two players to watch are running back Brady Shorey and jack-of-all-trades, Brett Mastropoll. Shorey has big play capability and Mastropoll will be featured more on offense, including in some wildcat packages. While Johnson likes what he sees from a skill standpoint, he is concerned about his team's size. Johnson is concerned about the size of his team because the Hockomock is a very physical league and smaller teams tend to get worn down.

Oliver Ames

  • Last year's record: 2-7 (Mansfield forfeit=2nd win)
  • Strength: Depth at the skill positions and quarterback
  • Concerns: Offensive Line
  • Coach: James Artz (4th season, 11-19)
  • Playing surface: Artificial turf
  • Schedule: Complete list of games
  • showReturning: 17 lettermen
    • Nate Barrows, RB/LB, Senior, 5-7, 150
    • Brian Cidado, RB/LB, Senior, 6-0, 180
    • MacKenzie Copley, WR/DB, Junior, 5-10, 165
    • Stephen Dalton-Petillo, RB/LB, Senior, 6-0, 180
    • Nick Fields, OL/DL, Junior, 5-10, 255
    • Joey Gizzi, RB/LB, Junior, 5-11, 165
    • Mitchell Johnson, QB/DB, Junior, 6-1, 195
    • Brendan Jones, WR/DB, Junior, 5-9, 155
    • Peter Konstatilakis, OL/DL, Senior, 5-11, 195
    • Greg Landry, WR/DB, Senior, 5-10, 165
    • Ryan McGrath, WR/DB, Sophomore, 5-9, 140
    • Shaun McGrath, WR/DB, Senior, 5-10, 160
    • Zach McKeen, OL/DB, Junior, 6-0, 225
    • Gino Monsini, OL/DL, Senior, 5-11, 205
    • Kyle Pernock, WR/DB, Senior, 6-0, 175
    • Matt Soucie, WR/DB, Senior, 5-11, 170
    • Michael Wright, RB/DE, Senior, 5-11, 270

Oliver Ames struggled last year, but Jim Artz believes his team will improve this season. Artz is trying to make his team more balanced this season. "Last year, with Kyle Steadman, he was our main source of offense," said Artz. "This year, we hope to spread the ball around more." A couple players that Artz hopes turn into playmakers are wide receivers Matt Soucie and Kyle Purnock. Getting them the ball will be returning quarterback Mitchell Johnson. Another player who could turn heads this season is Michael Wright. The 270-pound running back is tough to take down and could help wear out Hockomock League opponents. Defensively, the Tigers aren't that big but have some speed.


  • Last year's record: 1-10 (Mansfield forfeit = win)
  • Strength: Experience
  • Concerns: Offensive line play and depth.
  • Coach: Brian Chamberlain (3rd season, 1-21)
  • Playing surface: Grass
  • Schedule: Complete list of games
  • showReturning: 17 lettermen
    • Jordan Aronson, RB/DB, Junior, 5-10, 175
    • Brad Asnes, WR, Senior, 5-9, 165
    • Michael Barbosa, OL/DE, Senior, 6-0, 195
    • Taylor Barnum, RB/LB, Junior, 5-10, 175
    • Jeff Enos, OL/LB, Senior, 6-1, 200
    • Matt Fallon, TE/LB, Senior, 6-1, 185
    • Adam Freidman, QB/DB, Senior, 5-9, 180
    • Ross Freidman, OL/DL, Senior, 5-10, 185
    • Eric Mann, FB/LB, Senior, 5-10, 180
    • Jordan Owens, LB/FB, Sophomore, 6-0, 205
    • Ben Pederson, TE/LB, Junior, 5-10, 185
    • Caleb Piltch-Loeb, QB/DB, Sophomore, 5-9, 170
    • Jeremy Reich, OL, Senior, 6-1, 225
    • Kevin Roedecker, FB/DE, Junior, 5-10, 185
    • Jake Rotman, RB/Db, Sophomore, 5-8, 165
    • Kyle Setian, LB, Senior, 6-1, 190
    • Brett Shenkle, DB/WR, Senior, 5-10, 180

The past couple years have been tough for Brian Chamberlain and Sharon. But he is praising his player’s work ethic and their commitment to his system as he enters his third year at the helm of the Eagles. “We will be more competitive and better this year,” said Chamberlain. “Our kids have worked hard to improve and that is translating onto the field.” Chamberlain is looking for Michael Barbosa to be a leader of the team. “[Barbosa] leads by example; he is respected, works hard and does everything right,” said Chamberlain. Chamberlain also has high hopes for a trio of his skill players. Jordan Aronson is a solid, steady back while Jake Rottman has speed to burn. Receiver Brad Asnes will be the main target through the air. Chamberlain praised his hands and speed as two of his best qualities on the field. While Chamberlain is excited about the potency of his skill players, he is a little worried about his offensive line. “The kids on the line have great attitudes, but they still have to gel up front,” he said. If the line plays well this season, Sharon has a chance to put some W’s on the board.


  • Last year's record: 5-6
  • Strength: Quickness and speed.
  • Concerns: Experience.
  • Coach: Greg Burke (17th season, 99-67-4)
  • Playing surface: Grass
  • Schedule: Complete list of games
  • showReturning: 10 lettermen
    • Stephen Burke, OL, Senior, 6-2, 220
    • Chris Connille, TE/DE, Senior, 6-3, 255
    • Matt Green, WR/DB, Senior, 5-10, 170
    • Matt Hagerty, OL/DE, Senior, 6-4, 220
    • Ethan Harpel, OL, Senior, 5-10, 225
    • Vijay Mahase, RB/LB, Senior, 5-10, 175
    • Will McNamara, QB/DB, Senior, 5-10, 175
    • Nick Palermo, OL, Senior, 5-10, 215
    • Chris Sullivan, RB, Senior, 5-11, 200
    • DeVaughn Westwater, RB, Senior, 6-0, 190

Usually a team that flourishes in the second half of the season, Stoughton coach Greg Burke hopes his players can start the season off on the right foot. Burke expects his team's quickness and speed to be its greatest asset. "We will use our quickness to help alleviate the pressure of not having that big of a team," said Burke. One player Burke hoped to rely on was DeVaughn Westwater. However, the standout running back is injured and probably won't be ready until mid-way through the season. "DeVaughn is a great back, but in football, you are only as good as your backups," said Burke. With Westwater out, more of the offensive workload will be hoisted onto the shoulders of quarterback Will McNamara. "Willy will have to lead us," said Burke. "He is very quick and fast and we will go as far as he takes us."

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BC High has won both times they met in the past year, including last season's nail-biting Super Bowl.


Walpole hopes to put a tumultuous off-season in the rearview mirror as they start their 2009 campaign.


In an interesting non-league match-up, Hurd Stadium in Beverly will host its first-ever night football game.