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local athletes in beijing
Boston to Beijing

Boston to Beijing

A look at how athletes with New England ties fared in Beijing.
Beijing map

Beijing map

An interactive map of where they played each sport and a quick schedule snapshot.
- Beijing's Olympic green

Olympics video

One last lap around the Olympic green
BEIJING -- During three weeks inside the heavily secured Olympic Green zone, life became increasingly surreal. Every building, every barricade, every lamp post was either...
Observations from Beijing
Globe reporters checked in with their daily observations and cultural insights from China.

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today in beijing (ET)

Phelps is eighth wonder

Phelps is eighth wonder
With 8 gold medals in Beijing, Michael Phelps expunged countryman Mark Spitz's 1972 record for most golds at one Games. Take a look at his memorable Olympics. Photos
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Summer Games Plus

Keep it here for all the latest news, results, and video for the 2008 Beijing Games.
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Beijing's best (Getty Images / Adam Pretty)
Photos > The big picture

Beijing's best's The Big Picture blog takes an Olympic-sized look at the most intriguing photos from the 2008 Games.
Closing statement (Getty Images / Axel Schmidt)

Closing statement

The US Olympic team might have been knocked off the gold standard by the Chinese when the Bird's Nest went dark here, but once the final medal tally was in, the Americans had topped the overall table for the fourth straight Summer Games. A sport-by-sport look at how the US fared in Beijing ... (Boston Globe, 8/25/08)
Bob Ryan

It will be a tough act to follow

We now know what can be accomplished by a nation of 1.3 billion people imbued with pride and governed by a no-nonsense leadership. (Boston Globe, 8/25/08)
Basketball > US 118, Spain 107

Redemption as good as goal

Typically, only one player and a coach are present for Olympic team press conferences. But after coming together to win men's basketball gold, Team USA felt it was only fitting they all attend yesterday's media gathering. (Boston Globe, 8/25/08)

Together everyone achieved more

Six years after falling into a huge hole in Indianapolis, the US men's basketball team is once again able to see a clear blue sky. (By Bob Ryan, Boston Globe, 8/25/08)

US is triumphant following tragedy

The United States men's volleyball team's Olympic journey began with tragedy and ended with a gold medal. (Boston Globe, 8/25/08)
Water Polo

Stand ends, but medal rewarding

When their surprising Olympic run finally ended yesterday, the US men's water polo players wore mostly frowns on their weary faces and silver medals around their necks. (Boston Globe, 8/25/08)

Evidence supports gymnasts

The investigation goes on, so does the wait, yet the International Olympic Committee indicated yesterday that a reshuffling of Olympic gymnastics medals isn't likely. (Boston Globe, 8/25/08)
Waiting for answers

Waiting for answers

Of the 149 people who submitted nearly 80 applications to protest in designated parks during the Games, none were approved. Globe reporter Patricia Wen submitted her own application to find out why.
Bob Ryan

No one had a shot against US

If these ladies could only spend a little more time together, they might have themselves a mighty fine basketball team. (Boston Globe, 8/24/08)

In Games, IOC boss wants majors' stars

Jacques Rogge would get a real kick out of seeing A-Rod in the Olympics. Probably Dice -K, too. (Boston Globe, 8/24/08)

He might soon be kicking himself

Cuba's Angel Matos deliberately kicked a referee square in the face after he was disqualified in a bronze medal match, prompting the World Taekwondo Federation to recommend he be banned for life. (Boston Globe, 8/24/08)

CAS doesn't drop it, sides with Swede

It turns out that the Greco-Roman wrestler who was stripped of his bronze medal for dropping it in disgust on the mat had reason for being angry, according to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. (Boston Globe, 8/24/08)
Track and field

Comparable feats

The world saw Jamaican sprint dominance coupled with American failures in signature events during the 10-day track and field competition at the National Stadium. (Boston Globe, 8/24/08)
Track and field

Bolt was often put to the test

Hard work. Having fun. A fast track. No doping. Simple as could be, that's Usain Bolt's explanation for his breakout performance at the Beijing Olympics. (Boston Globe, 8/24/08)
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