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Sydney Stoll

Dedham’s Sydney Stoll has immense speed and unmatched experience, a lethal combination. She has been on the field for Dedham since eighth grade and has been terrorizing back lines the whole time. A Brookline transplant, she’s the only soccer player in Dedham’s history to score 100 points, a feat she accomplished two weeks ago. In this week’s Q & A, she’ll tell you where to get a good plate of pasta in her hometown, what she respects about her parents and will even add a new bad joke to your arsenal


Q. What’s your favorite food and where’s the best place to get it in Dedham?
A. I absolutely love pasta and the best place to get it is Vinny Testa’s.

Q. What’s the worst injury you’ve suffered at the hands of your older brother?
A.He’s 21 and it’s become intense sometimes. I think the worst thing would be pushing me down the stairs or something.

Q. What quality do you respect the most about your parents?
A.My dad’s is probably dedication, because of soccer. He’s the one that takes me where I have to go no matter where it is. For my mom, she gives support. If I had a bad game or something, my dad wouldn’t really care, my mom would say ‘there’s always another game.’

Q. What’s the last song you couldn’t stop humming?
A.The chorus from Fall Out Boy’s Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down.

Q. What’s the worst joke you know?
A.Do you want to hear a construction joke? Hold on, I’m working on it.


Q. What’s your favorite all-time summer reading book?
A.It’s called Drowning Anna. It’s good, but it’s about a teenage girl growing up and it’s kind of depressing with suicide and stuff.

Q. What’s the worst thing about school social life?
A.Gossip. Just when people talk about each other all the time, it’s bad.

Q. Do you have a picture hanging in your locker?
A.No, just a mirror.


Q. What’s the worst injury you’ve had to come back from?
A.I broke my foot when I was 13. At first I broke it, and it ended up getting worse when it was in a cast. I had to have surgery and get a screw put in my foot.

Q. Fill in the sentence. Sydney Stoll can be shut down if:
A.She keeps her back towards goal.

Q. Was there a moment when you realized that you were pretty good at soccer?
A.That’s probably when I got to join the Olympic Development team when I was 15. I didn’t have to try out for the team, everybody else had to though.

Q. Do you have anything you tell yourself before you step on the field?
A.My friend Erin [McGassigan] and I say to ourselves ‘Go out, play hard, and do well.’

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