Dual County League football capsules

August 28, 2008
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Coach: Bill Maver (22d year, 179-56-1).
Last year's record: 9-2.
Playing surface: Artificial turf.
Football website:
Returning starters (10): Kyle Curry, TE/DE, 6-1, 175, Sr.; Alex DiBartolomeo, FB, 5-8, 185, Sr.; Ben Fitzer, OG/LB, 6-1, 215, Sr.; Evan Hutton, C/DT, 5-11, 205, Sr.; Trevor Jeanson, RB/DB, 5-11, 181, Sr.; Alex Kastrinelis, QB, 6-1, 188, Sr.; Akeem Mercury, FB/DL, 5-9, 190, Sr.; Robby Ruggiero, OL/LB, 6-2, 205, Sr.; Steve Forgo, RB, 5-11, 170, Jr.; Jeremy Sides, OL, 6-2, 210, Jr.
Returning letter winners (6): Ryan Crumlish, OG/DE, 5-9, 170, Sr.; Anthony Gray, OL, 6, 190, Sr.; Mark Saponaro, TE/DE, 5-8, 170, Sr.; Dana Duquette, DB, 5-9, 160, Jr.; Jarrett Ober, DL, 5-7, 180, Jr.; Max Tejeda, TE/DB, 5-11, 170, Jr.
Strength: Running backs. Experienced quarterback.
: Remaining healthy. Lack of depth.
Outlook: The season looks bright for Acton-Boxboro, which was stopped short of a playoff berth after a three-way tie with Lincoln-Sudbury and Wayland. The team finished with a 7-1 league record. Trevor Jeanson and Robby Ruggiero are the top players as the season opens, according to coach Bill Maver. With Jeanson's speed on the offense and Ruggiero's size on the defense, Maver said he has what he thinks he needs for another competitive season. "We have some pretty good team speed," Maver said. Jeanson is starting his third year at running back, and will be catching passes from second-year starting quarterback Alex Kastrinelis.

Coach: John McDonough (eighth season, 21-53).
Last year's record: 1-10.
Playing surface: Grass.
Football website:
Returning starters (8): Naise McDonnell, QB/DB, 6-2, 195, Sr.; Connor Finnerty, RB/LB, 5-11, 200, Sr.; Pat Cronin, RB/DB, 5-10, 185, Sr.; Gerry Bilodeau, C/DT, 6, 210, Sr.; Peirre Payette, OT/DT, 5-11, 200, Sr.; Sean Deery, TE/DE, 6-1, 205, Sr.; Chris Carriero, DE/TE, 6, 210, Jr.; Jonathan Spillane, LB/FB, 5-11, 205, Sr.
Returning letter winners (9): Brendan O'Brien, QB/DB, 5-8, 170, Sr.; Sam Adams, DE/TE, 6-1, 210, Jr.; Ryan Keany, FB, 6, 205, Jr.; Trevor Sybertz, DE/WR, 6-1, 195, Jr.; Sam Tavares, RB/DB, 5-9, 185, Jr.; Jared Coine, OG/LB, 5-9, 190, Sr.; Huey Nguyen, OT/DT, 6-1, 245, Jr.
Strength: Depth on defense.
Concerns: Inexperienced receivers.
Outlook: McDonough put it best when he said, "We've got no whereelse to go but up." After two disappointing seasons, winning three games in the past 21 starts, McDonough isn't quick to give much of a prediction for the 2008 season. The Wolfpack has a plan though, with a daunting foursome on the defensive line, bolstered by veteran returning linebacker Connor Finnerty, alongside fellow senior Jonathan Spillane. It will be tough for any opponent to move the ball consistently. "We're optimistic about the season," McDonough said. "We've got a lot of good kids coming back." Latin has two quarterbacks to work with this year, something which it was worried about in the '07 season. Returning starting QB Naise McDonnell and letterman Brendan O'Brien will share the responsibilities of leading their team into the end zone.

Coach: Tom Lopez (31st year, 211-89-4).
Last year's record: 9-2.
Playing surface: Artificial turf.
Football website:
Returning starters (7): Derek Lowe, RB/DB, 6-1, 185, Sr.; Steve Hodgetts, RB/DB, 5-10, 175, Sr.; Keegan Ashley, OL/LB, 6-1, 225, Sr.; John O'Connell, OL, 6-1, 245, Sr.; David Quinn, LB, 6-1, 215, Jr.; Mike Baranowski, DE, 6-1, 180, Jr.; Patrick Crosby, OL, 6-3, 245, Jr.
Returning letter winners: Letters go out to every one on the team.
Strength: Experience in the offensive line.
Concerns: Loss of firepower in the backfield.
Outlook: The Warriors improved upon their win total in 2007, going 9-2 and 7-1 in the DCL, to sit atop the league in a three-way tie with Acton-Boxboro and Wayland. Lincoln-Sudbury's lineup is just as potent this year, with most of its defensive team coming back. Watch seniors Derek Lowe and Steve Hodgetts at running back, as well as the offensive line. Keegan Ashley, John O'Connell, and Patrick Crosby will put their height and bulk to good use for L-S. Lowe's also a force on special teams and finished as the 10th leading scorer in the division last fall. 'He's an outstanding player," said Lopez. Lopez's main concern is his backfield. "We've got a lot of people to replace," said Lopez, including All-Scholastic Mark Hogan. As the pre-season winds down, Silva must select a quarterback and running backs to help define his offense.

Coach: Ted Dalicandro (third season, 5-17).
Last year's record: 3-8.
Playing surface: Grass.
Football website:
Returning starters (8): Derek Russell, QB/DB, 6, 185, Sr.; Chris Kim, LB, 5-9, 185, Sr.; Michael Heller, OL/FB, 6-1, 195, Sr.; Jon Goldstein, LB, 5-8, 180, Sr.; Evan Goldberg, HB/OL, 5-9, 170, Sr.; Lucas Walker, OG/DT, 5-9, 230, Jr.; Adam Sangiolo, S, 5-11, 170, Jr.; Chris Lewis, WR, 5-8, 175, Jr.; Kwame Francis-John, RB, 5-8, 165, Jr.; Nick Caggiano, CB, 5-9, 170, Jr.; Jelani Blandin, OT/DT, 6-1, 275, Jr.
Returning letter winners (6): Willie Allen, WR/S, 5-10, 180; Isaac Freedman, OL/TE, 5-9, 185; Greg Stein, LB, 5-9, 175; Matt Medoff, WR, 5-9, 160; Colby Kelley, DT/OT, 6, 275; Peter Coffin, OL/DL, 5-9, OL/DL.
Strength: Offensive strength; experienced quarterback.
Concerns: Depth, offensive and defensive line play.
Outlook: Newton South took a step in the right direction last year, focusing on building a team which could compete in the coming seasons. But the Lions were only able to notch one extra win after their disappointing 2-9 run in 2006. This year, with 11 returning starters and six returning letter winners slated to get playing time, the team has a better chance of a winning record according to Dalicandro. Senior captain Derek Russell has been busy in the off-season, conditioning and preparing for his third season at quarterback. "We have a lot of skill guys that can do a lot of good things with the ball in their hands," Dalicandro said. "The outlook is up. We want to double the amount of wins we have, and we want to go out and compete and put together a solid season." Dalicandro noted that this is his third year with the program, and he hopes that this will be his first winning year since he arrived.

Coach: Paul Mayberry (sixth year, 31-19).
Last year's record: 5-5.
Playing surface: Grass.
Football website:
Returning starters (5): Paul Bandin, FB/LB, 6-1, 205, Sr.; Jason Genence, S/RB, 5-10, 185, Sr.; Viondy Merisma, TE/DT, 6-3, 255, Sr.; Daniel Maynes, OG/DE, 6-3, 245, Jr.; Tyler Rink, C/LB, 5-10, 170, Jr.
Returning letter winners (5): D.J. Nurse, S/WR, 6-2, 195, Sr.; Dan Lombardi, LB, 5-11, 200, Jr.; Chris Chase, CB/WR, 5-8, 145, Sr.; Cameron Lett, DB/WR, 6, 160, Sr.; Jason Pelletier, LB/G, 5-10, 200.
Strengths: Positive team attitude.
Concerns: Overall inexperience due to graduated players.
Outlook: The 2008 season will be a rebuilding year for Mayberry's squad, which broke even at 5-5 record last fall. "We lost basically all of our defense and offense [to graduation],"Mayberry said. "We have a lot of seniors with not a lot of experience." Waltham is one of three teams to join the DCL, entering the large division, going head to head with the likes of Acton-Boxboro and Lincoln-Sudbury. "I think our schedule is going to be tough, probably the hardest schedule we've ever had," said Mayberry, noting his opener with Everett. "I really think the only thing that's going to help this team is the experience; we have to play," Mayberry said. "The more we play, I think, the better we are going to get."

Coach: Mike Parent (13th year, 63-66-1).
Last year's record: 7-4.
Playing surface: Grass.
Football website:
Returning starters (6): Justin Belinsky, DB, 5-7, 155, Sr.; Nick Habosian, QB, 5-8, 170, Sr.; Patrick Hayes, G, 5-8, 185, Sr.; Tim Jordan, DE, 5-11, 190, Sr.; John Lincoln, LB, 5-8, 175, Sr.; Andrew MacPherson, NG, 5-10, 190, Sr.; Brendan McEnaney, DB, 5-8, 165, Sr.; Ian McEnaney, RB, 6-0, 190, Sr.; Sam Shackleton, DB, 5-7, 160, Sr..
Returning letter winners (6): Cam Caffelle, OT, 6-2, 255, Sr.; Grant Lobo, DB, 5-7, 165, Sr.; Alex Stafstrom, SE, 6-1, 185, Sr.; Chris Hartery, OT, 6, 240, Sr.; Brian Kohr, K, 5-9, 175, Sr.; Allen Surette, LB, 5-10, 175, Sr.
Strength: Conditioning in the off season. Senior leadership and team chemistry.
Concerns: Challenging, competitive schedule.
Outlook: On a small scale, Westford Academy wants to do nothing more than beat Tyngsboro Sept. 5. But on the overall plane, the 7-4 team wants exactly what every team wants: to win a championship. "We take it one game at a time," said Parent. "If you're good enough to keep going, they'll tell you that you've got another game after Thanksgiving." Parent's biggest question mark as he assembles his 2008 squad, is who will fill out his line. Patrick Hayes and Andrew MacPherson are the only two returning starters on the line. Parent is optimistic that team chemistry will give them a dominant on-field presence. "Number one and most importantly we've got quality kids, good kids, who like the game of football who have worked hard throughout the summer months and are anxious to play," Parent said. He is anxious to get the season started among a newly split league.


Coach: Dan Hirsch (fourth year, 19-21).
Last year's record: 5-5.
Playing surface: Artificial turf.
Football website:
Returning starters (9): Taylor Bialach, C/DT, 6-3, 285, Sr.; Pat Cronin, FB/NG, 5-9, 190, Sr.; Joe Canniff, DE/TE, 6, 190, Sr.; Matt Willey, 5-10, 190, RB/LB, Sr.; John Roche, 6-1, 190, G/DE, Sr.; Mark Regan, SE/S, 6, 180, Sr.; Trevor Pitts, OT/DT, 6, 225, Sr.; Greg Moulton, S, 5-11, 180, Jr.; Mitchell Coiley, FB/LB, 5-11, 210, Sp.
Returning letter winners (3): Dan O'Loughlin, TE, 6 ,185, Sr.; Alex Maurice, QB, 5-11, 195, Sr.; Zach Lee, K, 6, 180, Jr.
Strength: Overall experience and veteran leadership.
Concerns: Team speed.
Outlook: Arlington has moved from the Greater Boston League to the DCL small this year, in hopes of competing with a clean slate against entirely new competition. Hirsch knows he is up against a fierce schedule. "Nothing's going to come easy, that's just the way it is with our team," Hirsch said. "We're not going ot have anybody that's going to walk over." Taylor Bialach starts as a three-year veteran at center, clearing the way for starting quarterback Alex Maurice. Maurice, a senior, has waited a long time for a chance to prove himself as QB, Hirsch said, and finally has the opportunity. "Maurice's level of play could be a strong indication of how successful our season will be," Hirsch said. On the defensive, Bialach will capitalize on his daunting 6'3" 285-pound playing a dual-position, starting on the defensive line at tackle.

Coach: Jack Belcher (fifth season, 19-26).
Last year's record: 4-7.
Playing surface: Grass.
Football website:
Returning starters (14): Joe Tiano, OL/DL, 6-1, 220, Sr.; Louis Baker, OL/LB, 5-11, 200, Jr.; K.C. Mondello, OL/LB, 5-10, 180, Jr.; Matt Tiano, C, 5-10, 205, Jr.; Dylan Gonsalves, OL, 6-1, 230, Jr.; Ben Rose, TE, 6-2, 190, Jr.; Kevin Cangiano, QB, 6-4, 200, Jr.; Brendan Gibson, FB/LB, 5-10, 185, Sr.; Tim McDonald, TB, 5-9, 180, Jr.; Ryan Carter, Flanker/CB, 6-1, 190, Sr.; Tim Pike, SE/S, 5-10, 185, Jr.; Dave Micu, SS, 5-10, 185, Sr.; Chris Abner, DL, 6, 180, Jr.; Brandon Addison, CB, 5-8, 180, Sr.
Returning letter winners (3): Ben Davis, OL/DL, Sr.; Andrew Davis OL/DL, Sr.; Dylan Curtain, SE/S, Jr.
Strength: Strength in veteran numbers.
Concerns: Overall depth.
Outlook: Almost everyone who started for the Buccaneers is saddling up again in what could prove to be a strong first-season in the DCL small. More than a dozen seasoned veterans are lacing up their cleats in the newly-split league. Watch for Brendan Gibson, Tim Pike, Kevin Cangiano, Joe Tiano, and Dave Micu, who are all two-way players. "With everybody back, we should definitely be able to compete for the DCL small title," Belcher said. Belcher and his team are excited about the chance to play in a newly formed league, and hope to come out on top against DCL champ Wayland.

Coach: Dick Kerr (16th year, 86-73-1).
Last year's record: 3-7.
Playing surface: Grass.
Football website:
Returning starters (10): Dan D'Arcy, QB, 6-2, 200, Sr.; Harry Scales, FB, 6-1, 200, Sr.; Will Burgess, HB, 5-8, 165, Jr.; Zach Driscoll, SE, 6-3, 170, Sr.; Ted Guild, C, 6-1, 207, Sr.; Pat Demers, G, 6-1, 192, Sr.; Jay Stephens, LB, 5-11, 180, Sr.; Andy Mangin, LB, 5-1, 178, Jr.; Chad Edwards, LB, 5-10, 187, Sr.; Joey Santullo, CB, 6-1, 183, Sr.
Returning letter winners (5): Rob Clark, G, 5'11", 208, Sr.; Andrew Bernard, T, 6'4", 275, Sr.; Frankie Crowley, HB, 6'1", 205, Sr.; Giles Pettingell, T, 6'2", 217, Sr.; John Bumpus, TE, 6'3", 198, Jr.
Strength: Skill positions, team attitudes, leadership of captains and seniors.
Concerns: Both lines.
Outlook: The 3-7 Patriots are hoping for an improved season, in a smaller league where 10 returning starters will have a chance to prove they're worthy of the DCL small title. Kerr's key focus is teaching his athletes to compete in every outing, something that they cannot say they did last year after getting blown out three weeks in a row. Look for senior captain Jay Stevens to be strong on both sides of the ball. The veteran starter missed half of last season due to an injury that sidelined him through Thanksgiving. Co-captain Teddy Guild was out for half of the season last year as well, due to another injury. Take note of senior Harry Scales, who suits up for his third starting season with the Patriots. With a talented senior squad to lead the way, Concord-Carlisle will have a better chance at staying in the running in the DCL small.

Coach: Mike Woodlock (fifth year, 31-14).
Last year's record: 5-6.
Playing surface: Turf.
Football website
Returning starters (7): Tom Sullivan, TB/DB, 5-10, 180, Sr.; Matt Polak, FB/LB, 5-9, 170, Sr.; Tom Toner, OT/DT, 6, 235, Sr.; Steve Chinetti, OG/LB, 5-10, 195, Sr.; Wayne McGillicuddy, OT/DT, 5-11, 275, Sp.; Matt Donahoe, LB/TB, 5-8, 160, Jr.; Connor O'Neill, TE/DE, 6, 190, Sr.
Returning letter winners (5): Jake Latif, FB/LB, 5-10, 170, Sr.; Colby Sutherland, WR/DB, 5-10, 165, Sr.; Michael Bodenrader, WR/DB, 6, 180, Sr.; Addison Lodendorf, OT/DE, 5-10, 195, Sr.; Logan Rohrbaugh, QB/DB, 5-10, 165, Jr.
Strength: Overall speed and depth of the skill positions..
Weakness: Overall inexperience.
Outlook: After the Tigers first year in the DCL last fall, Tyngsboro hopes to tally a winning record this season in the DCL small. 2007 DCL All-Star Tom Sullivan returns to the lineup as starting tailback and defensive back, with six other starters to complement his star power. Woodlock is more worried about a game-by-game strategy than he is about making it to the top of the league. "We still have to establish ourselves as a year-in year-out competitor before we start saying we're a competitor for the title," Woodlock said. Veteran wide receivers, running backs, linebackers, and defensive backs help to improve the skill of the team on the field.

Coach: Scott Parseghian (eighth year, 55-25).
Last year's record: 10-2.
Playing surface: Turf.
Football website:
Returning starters (6): Elliot Sulkis, WR, 5-9, 160, Sr.; Jeff Brewington, QB, 5-10, 175, Jr.; Ethan Aaron, QB/LB, 5-10, 180, Sr.; Sean Haffey, OL/DL, 6-2, 210, Sr.; Chris Keeler, LB, 6, 180, Sr.; J.J. Pryzelyski, LB, 5-10, 190, Sr.
Returning letter winners: Too many to list
Strength: Experience in the skill positions.
Concerns: Number of graduated seniors.
Outlook: The Warriors plan to use their extended pre-season to their advantage, preparing younger starters for what could be a grueling, competitive season. Wayland, who won the Thanksgiving tiebreaker last season between Lincoln-Sudbury and Acton-Boxboro, advanced to the playoffs but lost in the semifinals. Parseghian has faith in his younger squad, especially in his skill players, but he knows that rebuilding a league-winning crew will take time. "We're replacing a lot of guys all over the place," Parseghian said. Wayland's returning starters have worked hard and long in the off season to prepare for a year of defending their title.

Coach: Bob Desaulniers (third year, returning after six years, seventh year overall, 114-78).
Last year's record: 6-5.
Playing surface: Grass.
Returning starters (8): Ed Blum, QB/CB, 5-11, 170, Sr.; Joe Dell'Erario, RB/FS, 6-1, 185, Sr.; Jeff Gilchrist, C/LB, 5-9, 160, Sr.; Kelvin Chui, DT, 5-10, 260; James Stratton, DT, 6, 225, Sr.; Jon Dieujuste, WR, 5-5, 135, Jr.; Zach Feldman, DE, 6-1, 250, Jr.; Clarence Johnson, OG, 5-11, 250, Jr.
Returning letter winners: Mikahail Cramer, RB/LB, 6, 185, Sr.; Tom Freeman, LB, 6, 175, Jr.; Elvin Johnson, OT, 6-2, 260, Sp.
Strength: Attitude work.
Concerns: Inexperience, depth, size.
Outlook: Ed Blum and Joe Dell'Erario are set to blaze the way for Weston's return to Dual County League play. Blum and Dell'Erario have been working together for the past two years, going into their third season paired as quarterback and running back on the offensive. Both players can play on either side, with Blum tacking on cornerback and Dell'Errario at free safety. Desaulniers touted returning starters Jeff Gilchrist, Jon Dieujuste, and Clarence Johnson as a trio to keep an eye out for this season. The Wildcats are eager to get on the field against new opponents and prove their worth after leaving behind Independent status. "If we can stay healthy, we'll be competitive," Desaulniers said. Weston welcomes back eight starters, giving a boost of experience to a young team.

Compiled by Emily Wright

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