High school football picks for Week 11

Madison Park over Dorchester — This game matters more to the Cardinals, which is too bad. I was just getting used to saying “unbeaten Dorchester.”

Governor’s over Episcopal Academy of Connecticut — Can’t believe a Connecticut school whose most notable alum was the guy who invented WD-40 has a shot at beating the Govs.

St. Sebastian’s over King — Better still, next week’s ISL championship game against Governor’s is going to be the must-see game of the year.

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Nantucket over Martha’s Vineyard — If the football gods have a say, Bryan Depass will play quarterback in the NFL.

North Shore over Northeast — If you can’t get over to the Vineyard and want to catch a good game, this is it. Ross Murphy may be the best Division 4A back not named Burton.

Last week: 3-3. Season: 37-23.