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Olympics end with a bang

Posted by Scott LaPierre  August 24, 2008 11:14 AM

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The torch is out, and the Beijing Olympics ended the same way they began: with a seemingly endless halftime show and a deafening, spectacular fireworks display. See and hear a bit of the latter in the short timelapse video above.

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7 comments so far...
  1. The Beijing Olympiad was awesome.

    Posted by d_st August 24, 08 10:03 PM

    Posted by bostine August 24, 08 10:46 PM
  1. Both times were real. Getting fireworks to work was an easy part. How hard is to light up some fireworks? The problem was to film them. Last time the computer generated fireworks was used because helicopter pilots didn't want to get near the fire and smoke. NBC knew that and, somehow some media members thought it was a big scam.

    Posted by Pat August 25, 08 02:38 AM
  1. seems people are still confused about the computer generated fireworks from the opening ceremony. all of the fireworks projected from the stadium and nearby buildings during the opening/closing ceremonies were real. there was only a short sequence during the opening that showed CG fireworks: the part where an aerial view was shown of the city and as it moved toward the bird's nest a series of "footprint" explosions were seen simulated throughout the city.

    Posted by hu August 25, 08 08:54 AM
  1. Even that short sequence out-of-stadium fireworks were lit for real. But they can't film it because the entire area is a non-fly-zone, so CG was shown on screen. The British media made a big fuss about it, understandably.

    Posted by qaplus August 25, 08 08:31 PM
  1. some people find it difficult to see others do better things than them. It is very selfish and sad to find people reluctant to give credit to chia. A credit they deserve as they carried out the best olympic games. between age issue and computer generated firework and young girl lip play you will find a lot of gealous and aerogant people. china is coming, it is ok

    Posted by jo jo August 26, 08 03:16 AM
  1. During the opening ceremony, due to air traffic control and safty concerns, helicopters were not allowed to take live shot of the "big foot walking towards the Bird Nest" scene, therefore, 10 seconds of computer generated sequence were shown. However, the big foot were there in the sky as millions of witnesses can testify. If the Chinese should have done better, they could put "not live shot" somewhere on the screen. That's it. It is really satisfying to know that American can only pick on this.

    Posted by WizBe August 27, 08 03:16 AM

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