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I'm just saying

Posted by Gregory Lee Jr. Globe Staff  August 12, 2008 05:22 AM

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BEIJING -- I'm just saying...

My friends have been emailing me and sending me Facebook messages about my experiences so far. I hadn’t had the time to give greater detail on what I have seen so far here in China.

(So with that said, I will make sure to send a note to all of my friends to read my thoughts and give Boston.com more hits). I'm just saying...

  • The hospitality has been superb here. But I must say I think at some point I will get a bit worn by the excessive greetings and service. It started at the airport and I met my driver and was dragging my roller carry-on. The female worker wanted to take my luggage and drag it. I said "Nah, I have it." You know us American men are gentleman. But here it is an insult if you turn down the help. Then at the hotel, it seems like there are five employees for every guest. They even had a person stationed at the elevator to provide you directions in the hotel. At dinner, before you can even sit down to get comfortable, they are asking for your order. Perhaps I will have a greater appreciation when I get back to the States and not get this type of royal treatment. I'm just saying...

  • The cuisine has been great, especially at the new Intercontinental Hotel we are staying at on the Olympic grounds. The one thing I have learned is to try everything that is out of your comfort zone. For example, normally I would pass on duck and papaya soup. That was some good grub. Also the duck here is excellent. I have not had much quacking in my life. Authentic Chinese food is good. The Chinese food we are accustomed too is not even close to the real thing. America has cheapened the real Chinese cuisine. I have been pleasantly surprised. I'm just saying...

  • When you have a population of over a billion people in the nation one would expect the freeways to be crowded, and they are. To help offset that and the pollution, the government has imposed that only license plates with the last number ending in a odd number drive on one day and then it rotates to the even numbers. The exceptions are taxis and buses. Speaking of public transportation, the buses are always jammed with people. I would never get on those buses. But hey I guess you have to do what you have to do. The taxi drivers here are just like New Yorkers, aggressive and don’t care who is in the way. So do the pedestrians, who will walk in the middle of the street knowing they could get hit by a car. I am surprised I have not seen an accident with all of the rubbernecking. I'm just saying...

  • The nightlife is pretty good here. I checked out this spot called Suzie Wang one night. The club has theme nights. They even have Latin and hip-hop nights. It is a three-level establishment, which includes a rooftop deck for those who want to chill and have a nice mojito. I think Boston should do some research and bring a club like that to the city. I'm just saying...

    Marc Spears shopping.
  • The shopping has been great, too. You can get some good deals at spots such as the Silk shopping area, where there are eight levels featuring a variety of goods and services. There you can negotiate prices. I got some great shoes there. But beware men: Any time you are walking down the clothing area, you could get grabbed. I know I was grabbed, pinched and nearly groped by women who were trying to size me up to check out what size clothes I can wear. But the best shopping I have done was with my man Marc Spears (left). Through his connections, we were able to find a tailor who does custom-made suits for great prices. I got three made for the price of $215 each. I got the best material possible. You can’t beat that. I also bought some great clothes here that you can’t get in America. Boston, you better watch out because I am bringing the funk to the area with the gear I copped. I'm just saying...

More of "just saying" coming tomorrow. Peace out.

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4 comments so far...
  1. GLee - Hope you have a fab time. Sounds like you need to hit that club a few more times. Keep your head on a swivel and send LOTS of pics. Deirdre

    Posted by DM Childress August 12, 08 10:46 AM
  1. The hospitality is because your last name is Lee and you're clearly half Asian lool

    Posted by Darren August 12, 08 03:18 PM
  1. Great info thanks Greg . Enjoy !

    Posted by Melanie Lyerly August 12, 08 11:01 PM
  1. sounds like a fantastic time, Greg! Make sure you get lots of good pics!

    Posted by Dakarai August 13, 08 02:27 AM

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