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I'm just saying: Part 5

Posted by Gregory Lee Jr. Globe Staff  August 19, 2008 08:02 AM

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I decided to do something real different to capture the Olympic experience.

Following the American's 9-1 beatdown of the Chinese in baseball last night, I decided to hang out with a hotel staffer who was born in Brazil, but is Italian and speaks five languages.

She brought along some friends who are from Germany and Holland. So we decided to take a ride on the subway. Let me tell you something: That was an experience. We had to take two trains to get to our destination (more on that shortly).

So as we were riding, I was talking to my new Dutch friends about sports in Europe and America. I must say the passion in Europe is the same passion we have in America. I may not like European football because I may not know it, but I can feel their passion.

As I was riding the subway, I was people gazing. It was like I was on the T. There was a guy with a Red Sox cap. Across the way, there was a girl with a Yankees shirt. I saw a kid with spiked hair. I saw a dude sporting the Marilyn Manson look, black nail polish included. There was one guy that took the cake with me: A Chinese dude sporting an Afro puff. He looked like Ben Wallace getting ready to hit the basketball court. I am just saying...

So then we got off the first train and moved onto our second train. Let me tell you, I felt like I was in a space capsule. It was a brand new train. It moved smoothly. It was constructed like a New York City train in terms of the connection of each cab. I felt like I was a bullet being shot out of a gun. That train put American trains to shame. I’m just saying...

Partying at the Holland Heineken House

So we made it our destination: the Holland Heineken House. It is a beautiful palace where the Dutch party every night. Of course there is a lot of Heineken. There are a lot of Dutch and Heineken clothing for sale and good prices (I need to go back and collect some orange gear).

So as we were walking, we had to trek inside the building, then outside to a beautiful courtyard. Then there was another building where the Dutch were partying and singing their native songs and dancing to their favorite music. At that time, they were celebrating their medal winners on stage. And guess who was on the stage as the MC? Dave Chappelle. He was so funny speaking broken Dutch to the crowd. It was just a special treat to see him. I guess he got paid some nice Dutch money. I’m just saying...

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  1. I'm just saying,

    Describe your crazy daily schedule.

    What is your biggest fear?

    What has been your favorite sport to attend and write about?

    What was your least favorite to attend?

    What has been one of your greatest accomplishments while in Bejing?

    Posted by Natalie O August 20, 08 09:57 PM

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