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Report: Montgomery used steroids

Sprinter testimony implicates Bonds

SAN FRANCISCO -- Tim Montgomery testified last year he used human growth hormone and an undetectable steroid, and that the man at the center of a Bay Area steroid scandal told him he supplied Barry Bonds with performance-enhancing drugs, the San Francisco Chronicle reported yesterday.

The newspaper's report includes direct quotes from Montgomery's testimony to the federal grand jury that investigated the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative. The Chronicle did not say how it obtained the information. It is illegal to give grand jury testimony to the media.

Montgomery's lawyers have been requested to respond by Monday to US Anti-Doping Agency charges of doping violations by the 100-meter world record-holder.

Montgomery and former world indoor 200-meter champion Michelle Collins were among four US sprinters sent letters this week by the USADA, charging them with doping violations that would bring lifetime bans from the sport.

Olympic silver medalist Alvin Harrison and former Olympic relay gold medalist Chryste Gaines also received letters.

Under USADA protocol, people charged with a doping offense may accept a ban, or either seek a hearing before an American Arbitration Association panel comprising North American members of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), or go directly to the Swiss-based CAS. Montgomery's lawyers have not indicated how they will respond to the charges. One of his attorneys, Howard Jacobs, said the USADA letter to Montgomery "does not allege that Tim Montgomery took any banned substances."

Another lawyer for Montgomery lashed out at the leak of his secret testimony. Montgomery was among dozens of elite athletes --including Bonds, Jason Giambi, and Montgomery's girlfriend, Olympian Marion Jones -- who answered the grand jury's questions.

"No one can legally or legitimately have Tim's grand jury testimony, and if they think they have it, I would like to see it," attorney Cristina Arguedas told the Chronicle. "Otherwise, there's no way I can respond to these blind allegations."

Montgomery reportedly testified Nov. 6, 2003, that in 2001, BALCO founder Victor Conte gave him weekly doses of human growth hormone and a substance called "the clear."

Montgomery said he was told "the clear" was not an illegal steroid, but understood that HGH is a banned substance. Montgomery set a world record of 9.78 seconds in the 100 meters in 2002.

Montgomery also gave secondhand testimony implicating Bonds, the San Francisco Giants slugger who hit a record 73 home runs in 2001. According to the Chronicle, prosecutor Jeff Nedrow asked Montgomery about Conte's dealings with Bonds.

"Did he say he gave any steroids, Winstrol, or any of the other ones to Mr. Bonds?" Nedrow asked. "Yes, he did," Montgomery replied.

"Did he say specifically which ones?" "Winstrol."

Winstrol is the steroid Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson used before being disqualified in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul. Montgomery testified that Conte told him Bonds switched to an undetectable steroid in 2003 when baseball introduced its drug policy.

"I ain't never met Tim Montgomery," Bonds said before facing the Los Angeles Dodgers last night in San Francisco. "I don't know Tim Montgomery. I've never seen the dude in my life. I don't even know what the guy does.

"It bothers me when people I don't even know are saying stuff about me," said Bonds. "Next time, if I know for sure so-and-so, they're going to talk to my lawyer from now on, I guarantee that. If any of them statements are true, they're going to talk to my attorney, I guarantee that -- in a lawsuit . . . See you in court, brother."

Material from Reuters was used in this report.

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