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Game film

Posted by Gabe Kahn February 19, 2009 05:58 AM

In honor of Sunday's Academy Awards, OT asked members of the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, and Patriots to weigh in with their all-time favorite movies — sports themed and not. Denzel Washington and Kevin Costner, take a bow.

Justin Masterson, Red Sox
Favorite movie: “My top pick is Dumb and Dumber, because it’s just hilarious. People still quote it. You almost know every single line, and you can watch it again and it’s still funny. It’s like you don’t have something like that today, dumb humor but it’s still witty. It’s a classic. And the other one [that] might be more of a serious movie is Man on Fire, with Denzel Washington. Whatever Denzel Washington is in is good. Man on Fire, I just really liked that.”

Sports movie: “I’d have to go with The Sandlot. I just used to watch that all the time. I thought it was cool, especially when they were trying to get the ball from the dog. I was like, man, just get in there and get the ball back! And especially as a kid, just watching that all the time. That’s what we did, just played whenever we could. It was just sports. It wasn’t even just baseball, just out playing, because if it was a sport, we were playing it. That’s just what we liked to do. We even went and got lacrosse sticks because we never played lacrosse before, and just started tossing the ball around. Or soccer, basketball, it just didn’t matter.”

Manny Delcarmen, Red Sox
Favorite movie: “My favorite that I can watch whenever it’s on is Back to the Future III. It’s the Western one. That’s why I like it. Whenever it’s on, I could sit there and watch it every day, no matter when it’s on.”

Sports movie: “For sports, I like Field of Dreams. If it’s on, I’ll watch it. I like Bull Durham, too, but it’s not Field of Dreams.”

Paul Pierce, Celtics
Favorite movie: “Man, I’ve got so many favorite movies out there. You’re making me choose between Denzel [Washington], Johnny Depp, and Leonardo [DiCaprio]. Man, it’s got to be one of them. This is the toughest question of the day. I am going to go ahead and say Catch Me If You Can.”

Sports movie: “The one with Denzel [Washington] as the football coach — Remember the Titans.”

Rich Gotham, Celtics team president
Favorite movie:Apocalypse Now. The chaos of war, the craziness of the ’60s, [Marlon] Brando, [Dennis] Hopper, the scene where they clear the beach to surf. Francis Ford Coppola went broke and nearly died making it. I love war movies and mob movies. Goodfellas, Saving Private Ryan, Fast Times at Ridgemont High are right up there.”

Sports movie: Field of Dreams. I could watch it a hundred times and I would still get choked up during the scene at the end when Ray [Kevin Costner] plays catch with his dad. It really captures the romanticism of sports and the role sports can play in relationships, dreams, and aspirations. Hoosiers and Brian’s Song a close second.”

Milan Lucic, Bruins
Favorite movie: Man on Fire, starring his favorite actor, Denzel Washington. This year, The Dark Knight. “The Joker, Heath Ledger, did an unbelievable job on his part,” said Lucic. “That’s got to be my top movie [of 2008].”

Sports movie: “I think Rudy is pretty good. When they cheered his name and he gets put in the game there, it’s pretty emotional.” A close second: D2: The Mighty Ducks.

Blake Wheeler, Bruins
Favorite movie: A five-way tie, and a Matt Damon film festival: Rounders, all the “Bourne” movies, and Good Will Hunting. For 2008, Slumdog Millionaire.

Sports movie: Hoosiers, especially when Jimmy Chitwood (played by Maris Valainis) calls for the final shot. “When Jimmy comes in the huddle of the last game, and they want to set up the play for somebody else because they know they’re going to key on Jimmy, and Jimmy tells the coach that he’ll make it. It’s a tearjerker.”

Ray Ventrone, Patriots
Favorite movie: “I love The Godfather, but it’s so long and so involved it’s not something that I can watch every time it’s on. As far as a favorite movie, I don’t have one that sticks out.”

Sports movie: “I just think Rudy is a great story. The kid walks on at Notre Dame and was told that he wouldn’t ever play, and then he gets in there. It’s that never-give-up mentality. Regardless of how things go, you have to try harder and harder. I still get choked up every time I watch it. I don’t remember the first time I saw it, but I have it on DVD and must have seen it a million times.”

Gary Guyton, Patriots
Favorite movie: “I really loved Harlem Nights when I was growing up. Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, and one my favorites was Redd Foxx. I was a big fan of ‘Sanford and Son,’ too. I just like that type of comedy. It’s definitely a favorite of mine. I watched it a lot as a kid, and I still watch it now. We had it on VHS and still do. I don’t know anybody with VHS anymore. But when I watch that movie, it’s still funny every time.”

Sports movies: Any Given Sunday and Friday Night Lights. Friday Night Lights kind of reminded me of when I was in high school.”

Maureen Mullen, Danny Picard, Scott Souza, and Tom Wilcox contributed to this report.

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  1. i dont know how Gabe Kahn could leave Babe Ruth off his ugly red sox break up photo gallery????????????????/

    Posted by jmart February 24, 09 03:12 PM
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