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 top men
1. H. Negussie, 2:11:45
2. W. Onsare, 2:12:21
3. B. Cherono, 2:12:48
Top 100 men
 top women
1. C. Ndereba, 2:25:13
2. E. Alemu, 2:27:03
3. B. Genovese, 2:29:51
Top 100 women
 men's wheelchair
1. E.F. Van Dyk, 1:24:11
2. K. Schabort, 1:30:03
3. F. Nietlispach, 1:30:34
Top wheelchairs
 women's wheelchair
1. C. Blauwet, 1:47:45
2. D. Roy, 1:50:53
3. S. Graf 1:51:46
Top wheelchairs
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Scenes from starting line Pop-up Scenes from starting line
We were in Hopkinton to talk to the runners and document the start of the 109th running of the Boston Marathon. video
The 17th Mile
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Video The 17th Mile
(4/19/05 9:23 a.m.) We captured the memorable sights and sounds along the 17th mile of the Boston Marathon route.
Boston Globe photos
Photo Gallery Boston Globe photos
Ethiopian Hailu Negussie broke away from a group of Kenyans to become the first man from his country to win the Boston Marathon since 1989. (Globe Staff Photo / Matthew J. Lee)

Ndereba makes history with fourth Boston title

In 2000, Catherine Ndereba became the first woman from Kenya to win the Boston Marathon. (By Nancy Marrapese-Burrell, Boston Globe)

Ethiopia's Negussie shakes off Kenyans in style

Hailu Negussie had a role in this macadam movie last year, and he'd heard about how others turned out. A lonely Ethiopian hemmed in by a bunch of high-stepping Kenyans for 20 miles -- and no laurel wreath at the end. (By John Powers, Boston Globe)

Onsare's chances declined

Wilson Onsare was the fastest Kenyan in yesterday's 109th Boston Marathon. In any other year, the 28-year-old native of Nairobi probably would have won. (By Michael Vega, Boston Globe)

The end of the road

By yesterday morning, Copley Square was almost back to normal. Some of the tent hardware was still being taken down, and there was a stray thermal blanket on the sidewalk near the Westin Hotel. But for the most part, Monday's 109th running of the Boston Marathon was in the history books and in the memories of those who ran it ... (Boston Globe, 4/20/05)
 FIRST AMERICAN MAN: Culpepper climbs to 4th
 ON THE MEN'S PRESS TRUCK: One big sideshow along the route
 THE MEN'S RUNNER-UP: Onsare's chances declined on hills
 THE WHEELCHAIRS: A high five for Van Dyk
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