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This is Our [Bleep]in' Race!

With the marathon now less than a week away, I feel as if we are entering into what is sure to be one of the more interesting weeks in Boston’s long and storied history. It is a time to reflect, remember, and look back on the events of the past year, but also a time to draw strength from these experiences and form a vision for the future.

As we look back and reflect upon the events of a year ago, we still mourn the loss of Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, Lingzi Lu, and Sean Collier. Yet we have also been inspired by the courage and strength shown by the hundreds that were directly impacted by the events of April 15 inclusive of the likes of Jeff Bauman, Celeste Corcoran, Paul and JP Norden, and young Jane Richard as we have watched them on the road to recovery. We have appreciated the selfless actions of the Good Samaritans who in the immediate aftermath of the bombings ran to the aid of the injured and the heroics of the Boston Medical Community, whose tireless efforts ensured that every single person who reached a hospital in the immediate aftermath of the bombings survived. We still reflect upon and appreciate the bravery of the Greater Boston law enforcement community whose immediate response to the bombing ensured our safety and security, and whose untiring work in the ensuing days brought an end to this nightmare. Finally, we will recall with great fondness the comforting words of strength uttered by our very own “Big Papi” on Saturday, April 20 at Fenway Park:

Yet, while we will look back, remember and reflect in the coming days, it’s also time to be looking look forward. It’s time to start thinking about April 21, 2014.

As runners, it’s time to start thinking about getting to the start. It’s time to start thinking about running the course. It’s time to start thinking about how you will finish the race.

As spectators, it’s time to start thinking about lining the course. About where you still stand, the sign you will hold and the runners you will cheer.

Even if you can’t make it to Boston, it's time to think about finding a way to watch the race, if even for just a moment, as a way to hold Boston in your thoughts and in your heart.

Most importantly, its time start thinking about how on Monday, April 21 we will once again come together as a community, show our collective strength and remind the world that…

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