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Marathon Sports Tip of the Week: Itís All in the Bank

Marathon Monday is one week away. You should be proud of yourself! If you followed a 20 week program, youíve probably logged 600+ miles! By now, your long run is long gone and youíre well into your taper. From here on out, itís all about maintenance.

Take care of yourself. Eat good things. Stay on your training program and get those last runs in. Sleep. You have more time for it now that your weekends arenít being hijacked by 18 and 20 mile long runs.

If this is your first marathon, youíre probably nervous. Thatís OK. Thatís completely normal. 26.2 miles is a big deal. Just remember Ė all of your work, months and months of training, all the GU and Gatorade Ė itís in the bank. Other than taking care of yourself, thereís no ďextraĒ thing you can do to better prepare you for the Marathon. Thereís no super food you havenít tried thatís going to make you go faster, there are no magic shoes that are going to make 26.2 miles any easier, and thereís no secret exercise you can do thatís going to get you in better shape.

Take care of yourself and make good choices. Avoid high-risk activities. The last thing you want to do is go skiing down a black diamond and blow out your knee. Have your race weekend planned out and stick to the plan. Make sure you get good sleep the Friday and Saturday before race day. Stay hydrated. Enjoy all the extra free time you have.

If youíre used to having a glass of wine or two the night before your long run, itís perfectly fine to enjoy a glass of wine or two the night before the Marathon. If you drink coffee, no need to cut down on your regular intake. Taper should be business as usual, with mindful awareness.

There is only one Boston Marathon, and this yearís race will be unlike any other. Enjoy the day. Remember Ė all that hard work is in the bank. Itís there for you to tap into on race day.

If this is your first time running Boston, get ready for one of the greatest experiences of your life. If youíve run Boston before, get ready for a Boston unlike any other.

Dan Soleau is Brand Development Manager at Marathon Sports. Heíll provide weekly training tips for those preparing for the Boston Marathon. Dan has completed 6 marathons and an Ironman. He is a mentor for the One Fundís Boston Marathon team, coach for the Spaulding Rehabilitation Boston Marathon team, and will be running the 2014 Boston Marathon. Follow him on Twitter at @dansoleau or follow Marathon Sports at @marathon_sports

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