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New CEO Charlie Jacobs: Bruins Performance is ‘Unacceptable’

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New Bruins CEO Charlie Jacobs said on Tuesday that the Bruins' current position of ninth place in the Eastern Conference is "unacceptable." Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

In his first press conference after being named CEO of the Bruins, Charlie Jacobs had some strong words for the defending Presidents’ Trophy winners that currently occupy ninth place in the Eastern Conference.

Jacobs called the Bruins’ play through the first 40 games of the season “unacceptable,” while adding that the organization’s leadership is in a “state of evaluation.”

“Without question this has been a very disappointing year,” Jacobs said. “It’s unacceptable the way this team has performed given the amount of time, money and effort that’s been spent on this team, to see it deliver the way it has is unacceptable.”

Jacobs was named the CEO of Delaware North’s Boston Holdings on Tuesday, which gives him oversight of the Bruins, the TD Garden, other real estate, and their ownership share in NESN. Charlie's father, Jeremy, has owned the Bruins for 40 years and previously served as the team’s CEO before Charlie was named to the position.

Coming off a 117-point season, the Bruins have vastly underachieved as they near the midway point of 2014-15. Their 44 points ranks them fifth in the Atlantic Division and ninth in the Eastern Conference. It is the team’s lowest point total through 40 games since 2007-08, Claude Julien’s first season as head coach.

“I don’t have that answer,” Jacobs said when asked about what the team needed to do to turn things around. “I can just tell you that at the moment this is a very fluid situation that is being monitored very closely. I don’t have any answers for why we’re underperforming. If I did I would have tried to fix them long ago.

“I’ve had several meetings within the past 24 hours with really all of our senior leadership and specifically with both Cam [Neely] and Peter [Chiarelli] regarding our team. [At] this point in time, we’re still evaluating where this club is at, where our shortcomings are and that’s back to my consultative process of really trying to figure out amongst the group where we can right this ship.”

The Bruins, who have made the postseason every year since 2007-08, are currently on the outside looking in and would miss the playoffs if the season ended today, a position that Jacobs says the Bruins have no business being in, giving everything that has been invested in the team.

“If you think about what has been put in this team in terms of—let’s discount all of the scouting, all of the drafting, all of the money spent on the player personnel, for us to be a team that’s out of the playoffs is absolutely unacceptable,” he said. “Everybody in the executive offices are fully aware how I feel and they feel the same way, which brings us to this evaluation process and its fluid right now. I can’t say at any moment we have a final decision other than to say that it’s been an utter disappointment and a failure, complete failure.”

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