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Brad Marchand Says a Lack of Focus Contributed to His Poor Performance in Playoffs

A frustrated Brad Marchand was one of several Bruins who had a disappointing series against the Canadiens. After the Game 7 loss, he spoke about the frustration and says a loss of focus was one of the contributing factors in the outcome.

"Itís always tough when you donít start with the lead and the few games they got a lucky one earlier, a goal early, and were able to maintain the lead," Marchand said. "Like I said, itís tough playing from behind and trying to play catch up hockey. They played well."

Marchand was asked if the top players not producing enough was a factor in the playoffs.

"I think so," he said. "Speaking for myself, I didnít play the way I know I can and didnít capitalize. Even tonight early on I had a chance there to tie it up 1-1 and it would have been a completely different game. So, in playoffs though, you need everyone to win and itís tough."

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Marchand said a lack of focus was one of the reasons for the poor results, and spoke about why he might not have been as focused as he needed to be.

"Sometimes you just get comfortable or complacent and you think when youíre in a situation where you have an open net or what not Ėyou expect it to go in," Marchand said. "You can get, you can take a little off Ė expecting that to happen and you donít bear down. I think sometimes maybe focusing too much on other stuff and being chippy and not just playing the game. It just didnít come together."

Marchand was asked why the Bruins seemed to be playing out of sync at the start of the first period, despite having experience in Game 7s.

"Weíve got a lot of experience, but weíve also got a lot of young guys," he said. "It doesnít matter who you are, itís always a little nerve wracking stepping into a Game Seven and with the amount of pressure we had on our team, it can just give you a little bit of jitters. But I think we calmed down, played well, after that. We just couldnít bear [down]."

Marchand spoke about two penalties called on him tonight, one which appeared to show he was pushed into goaltender Carey Price, but was nabbed for interference.

"I didnít know they were calling a penalty on either one, but thatís how it goes," he said. "Once they make a call they canít take it back so youíve just got to let it go...

"I had no idea they were even calling that. Definitely frustrating. Even the first one, getting cross-checked in the head and taking out Carey [Price]. Itís tough, but youíve got to play through it and the guys did a great job of killing it off. We got back to work."

Marchand admitted the Bruins struggled early in the game, but couldn't say when the game got away from them tonight.

"Itís tough. I think we played really well all game, after the first ten minutes," he said. "But, Carey [Price] played really well; he made a lot of really big saves at the right time and we didnít capitalize on our opportunities. Itís tough to say when it really got away from us. I mean, itís always tough when they get that third goal there, but it was a hard fought battle."

Marchand spoke about the emotions of the team after seeing the season end on their home ice.

"Itís tough. A lot of mixed emotions," he said. "I think itís very disappointing to lose any round, but in a situation like this when you have such a good team, we finished first in the league, and a lot of high expectations on our team and amongst the guys. Youíre never satisfied in playoffs unless you win and you go all the way and only one team can do that. Itís tough every year, especially when you finish first in the league Ė a lot of teams come at you hard and itís tough to play in that situation. But, we didnít play our best hockey at the right time and thatís what you need to do in playoffs. You need to play your best hockey of the season in playoff time and we didnít do that."