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Bruins' Patrice Bergeron Gets Some Love for His Defensive Skill


DETROIT -- As the Bruins' defensive prowess continues to make its mark on the Detroit Red Wings in the Stanley Cup playoffs, the team's top forward, Patrice Bergeron, was recognized for his own contribution to Boston's intimidating defense.

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Bergeron was named one of three finalists for the Selke Trophy, which is awarded to the NHL forward who best demonstrates defensive mindedness.

"Itís definitely a huge honor," Bergeron said. "It goes to the help of all my teammates. Thereís no individual awards that donít go with the help of all your teammates."

Bergeron is joined by Chicago Blackhawks forward Jonathan Toews and Los Angeles Kings forward Anze Kopitar as finalists. Bergeron won the award in 2011-12 and this is his third straight year he was named a finalist.

This season, Bergeron led the NHL in faceoff wins with 1,015 and finished third in faceoff percentage at 58.6 percent. He also wound up second in the league in plus/minus rating (+38), trailing only his buddy David Krejci (+39).

"I think Iíve always been taught to play the game that way, both sides of the ice," Bergeron said. "Growing up playing juniors, my coach put a lot of emphasis on that."

"Thatís the way I want to play the game and thatís the way I grew up playing it," he said. "So it does feel natural for me to play both sides of the ice."

If nothing else, it's a nice attaboy for Bergeron, who has battled both Detroit's Pavel Datsyuk and a nasty stomach bug in the Bruins' first round series.