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Delaware North issues a statement on Jacobs reports

After reports surfaced earlier this week speculating that Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs was interested in buying the Buffalo Bills, Delaware North Companies issued a statement on the subject Friday, first reported by The Buffalo News.

“Several reports have listed Jeremy Jacobs as potentially interested in buying the Buffalo Bills. Mr. Jacobs owns the Boston Bruins and has no intention of selling the Bruins in order to purchase the Buffalo Bills. His focus is on ensuring the Boston Bruins continue to be a successful and winning franchise for the City of Boston and New England. He is a strong supporter of the Buffalo Bills as a storied franchise that has seen great success under Ralph Wilson. Mr. Jacobs would certainly be a strong supporter of any effort to keep the Bills in Western New York and is a big fan of the franchise and its leadership.”

Bruins president Cam Neely told 98.5 The Sports Hub’s “Felger & Mazz” radio show on Thursday that Jacobs had no interest in buying the Bills if it meant removing himself from Bruins ownership.

NFL ownership rules prohibit owning an NFL team and another major professional sports franchise located in a different NFL market.

Neely could not confirm, however, if other members of the Jacobs family would be interested in buying the Bills. Jeremy’s son, Charlie, currently serves as the Bruins’ Principal and an Alternate Governor.

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