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Strength isn't in numbers

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Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson said he was taken aback by goaltender Patrick Lalime's trade to the St. Louis Blues. The Senators are hoping Dominik Hasek can stay healthy enough to lead them to a Stanley Cup, as he did with the Red Wings in 2002. "I'm surprised by the decision to trade [Radek] Bonk and Lalime, but especially Lalime," said Alfredsson. "I stood by Patrick Lalime because I felt he was the guy who could get the job done for us, and if you look at his record in the playoffs, I really thought that was the time he stepped up his game. I really don't think in a lot of those playoff series that goaltending was our problem. We've had problems putting the puck in the net. But I also know it would have been difficult for Patrick Lalime to come back next year because there would have been a lot of pressure on him in the playoffs." . . . Meanwhile, Jason Spezza will change his number with the Senators from 39 to 19 in deference to Hasek. "Let's face it, it's not the number that makes the player," said Spezza, "it's what the player does with the number on his back that makes the player." . . . It doesn't look as though Paul Kariya or Teemu Selanne will be back with the Avalanche. Kariya took a startling 88 percent pay cut a year ago, leaving the Anaheim Mighty Ducks to sign with Colorado for $1.2 million. Selanne made $5.8 million last year. One or both would certainly look impressive in Boston. The Bruins tried to get Selanne last summer, but he'd likely have to take a pay cut to come here . . . Mark Recchi is back where he started, in Pittsburgh, where he won a Stanley Cup in 1991. The 36-year-old Recchi last season led Philadelphia in goals (26) and assists (49), and played all 82 games . . . At a hearing Friday, the assault case against Vancouver Canucks forward Todd Bertuzzi for blindsiding Avalanche forward Steve Moore during a game in March was adjourned to July 22. Reports indicate Bertuzzi has put his West Vancouver home up for sale. The asking price is $2.49 million . . . Former Bruins center Tim Taylor, who won his second Stanley Cup last season, will have his time with the trophy Aug. 5 in his native Stratford, Ontario. Taylor won his first Cup in 1997 with the Red Wings, playing a limited role. Taylor was an important cog with the Lightning. "I've never felt emotions like it," he said. "One day you're on top of the world, and the next it's as though somebody shot your dog. In the end, what made it even better was that the final series was so exciting for the fans. My brother [Chris, also a former Bruin] said it was the most exciting series he'd ever seen." . . . 50 days to the start of the World Cup.

Material from personal interviews, wire services, other beat writers, and league and team sources was used in this report. 

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