NHL labor talks resume

NEW YORK — For the first time in eight days, the NHL and the players’ association met at the league office for a little under two hours Monday before finishing for the night in an attempt to reach a deal to end the two-month old lockout.

Talks resumed on the 65th day of the lockout that has already wiped out 327 games and threatens the entire season if a settlement isn’t reached soon.

‘‘We talked about various things,’’ union executive director Donald Fehr said on a chilly Manhattan sidewalk outside the NHL office. ‘‘No new proposals were made, they were not expected to be made.”

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Eighteen players joined union representatives in attendance.

The sides agreed to get back in touch Tuesday morning, and the feeling on both ends was that it likely would lead to another meeting.

‘‘It’s certainly a good possibility of it. I would say it’s more likely than not,’’ Fehr said.