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Who's the best golfer among local athletes?

Twenty-six New England sports stars make the list of the top 220 athlete golfers

Where’s the most likely place to find a local professional athlete during their offseason? Probably on a golf course somewhere.

Golf Digest recently came out with a list of the top-ranked athlete golfers, and of the 220 ranked, 26 of them spent at least part of their pro careers in New England.

Some local highlights from their list:

  • Three pitchers in the Red Sox rotation made the list: Tim Wakefield (T-65), Daisuke Matsuzaka (T-121), and Curt Schilling (T-141). Former Red Sox starters Derek Lowe (T-73) and Roger Clemens (T-84) were in the top 220 as well.

  • Patriots quarterback Tom Brady made the top 150 (he was ranked 141st), behind a whopping 24 other former or current NFL quarterbacks, including Peyton Manning (T-63). Former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe was ranked 156th.

  • Among local athletes, Bruins center Marc Savard ranked highest (tied for 25th) with a handicap of 0.7. According to Golf Digest, he in the past has tried to qualified for the Canadian Tour.

  • Larry Bird earns bragging rights as the top former or current Celtic on the list. At No. 60, he comes in ahead of Danny Ainge (103), Doc Rivers (T-121), Bob Cousy (132), John Havlicek (177), Bill Russell (T-181), and Antoine Walker (208).

  • Rounding out Golf Digest’s top 220 was Derek Jeter, with a pedestrian 30 handicap.

    The full list of local athletes who made the list is below, with their rank and handicap:

    T-25. Marc Savard -- 0.7 handicap
    60. Larry Bird -- 3.1 handicap
    T-65. Tim Wakefield -- 3.5 handicap
    68. Ray Bourque -- 3.7 handicap
    T-73. Derek Lowe -- 4 handicap
    T-81. Cam Neely -- 4.5 handicap
    T-84. Roger Clemens -- 4.6 handicap
    102. Vinny Testaverde -- 5.5 handicap
    103. Danny Ainge -- 5.6 handicap
    117. Bobby Orr -- 6.1 handicap
    T-121. Daisuke Matsuzaka -- 7 handicap
    T-121. Doc Rivers -- 7 handicap
    132. Bob Cousy -- 7.3 handicap
    141. Tom Brady -- 8 handicap
    T-141. Curt Schilling -- 8 handicap
    156. Drew Bledsoe -- 9.7 handicap
    T-158. Bode Miller -- 10 handicap
    166. Mike Vrabel -- 10.3 handicap
    177. John Havlicek -- 11.2 handicap
    T-181. Jim Rice -- 12 handicap
    T-181. Bill Russell -- 12 handicap
    201. Phil Esposito -- 14.4 handicap
    T-194. Lindsay Whalen -- 14 handicap
    T-205. Tedy Bruschi -- 15.2 handicap
    208. Antoine Walker -- 17 handicap
    219. Rebecca Lobo -- 26 handicap