Long Drivers of America: The bash brothers of golf

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SAN MARTIN, Calif. — The passion for Aaron Mansfield became a pain for some Pennsylvania farmers.

Mansfield, one of the eight finalists for the World Long Drive Championship, found the perfect spot to practicing launching tee shots. The range went 250 yards down a slope, then up a hill for about 50 yards until it reached a row of tall trees. A drive would have to travel 340 yards in the air to leave the property.

That was no problem for Mansfield — but it was for the farmers.

The next stage will have a little more glitter.

Mansfield and seven others will compete on a makeshift grid at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. They each get six drives, and the longest shot that stays within the 50-yard wide grid claims the winner-take-all prize of $250,000.

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