Patriots play predictor

Select a down, distance and field position to see what plays the Patriots used the most in that situation in the 2011 regular season. Some players are no longer with the team, but it gives an indication of the player/play combinations the Patriots used in specific situations. The percentages may not equal 100 because special teams plays were not included. The field position bar sets the location of the ball at the snap of the play. For example, put both ends on the 20s to see the team's tendencies in the middle of the field.


Yards to go
Field position ( to )
0   '  '  '  '  25  '  '  '  '  50  '  '  '  '  25  '  '  '  '   TD


The Patriots faced this situation 100 times.
They ran the ball
Top plays (frequency in parenthesis):
They passed the ball
Top plays (frequency in parenthesis):
SOURCES: NFL; New England Patriots;
Alvin Chang, Daigo Fujiwara/Globe Staff
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