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    We’ve placed all the plays the Colts have run so far this season in a database to show what they’ve used in any situation. Set the down, distance and field position to see most frequently used plays (not including special teams). The field position bar sets the range of locations for the ball at the snap. For example, put both ends on the 40s to see the team's tendencies in the middle of the field.


    Yards to go
    Field position ( to )
    0   '  '  '  '  25  '  '  '  '  50  '  '  '  '  25  '  '  '  '   TD


    The Bills faced this situation 100 times.
    They ran the ball
    Top plays (frequency in parenthesis):
    They passed the ball
    Top plays (frequency in parenthesis):
    SOURCES: NFL; pro-football-reference.com
    Alvin Chang, Daigo Fujiwara/Globe Staff