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Titans of the Tailgate: The Champs

Titans of the Tailgate: The Champs

In true Patriots fashion, the "Titans of the Tailgate" battle turned into a virtual slugfest. But in the end, there was once crew that brought a little bit more to the table. Literally.
It has become our duty on to document the season-long Patriots party, and we're looking for your help. Wherever you are during pregame, mid-game, or postgame festivities ... at Gillette, another city, or in your living room ... take some photos and send them to
AFC Championship
On to Florida Photo Gallery On to Florida
Snow didn't stop Pats fans from throwing down for the AFC victory at Pittsburgh.
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Divisional Playoffs
Domination! Photo Gallery Domination!
The only thing that matched the quality of the Pats win over Indy was the pregame party.
Week 16
14-2 ... again! Photo Gallery 14-2 ... again!
The Pats finished the regular season in fine shape. So now we rest. Send your party shots!
Week 15
Jets grounded Photo Gallery Jets grounded
The temp was chilly, the place hostile, but that didn't stop the Pats fans in N.Y. Another win!
Week 14
Fried in Miami Photo Gallery Fried in Miami
We took a bit of a beating in the sunshine state. But it's always nice to visit new places.
Week 13
AFC East champs Photo Gallery AFC East champs
A squeaker over the feisty Bengals earned the Pats another division title.
Week 12
Ohio thumping Photo Gallery Ohio thumping
The Cleveland Browns took a beating, but the natives were certainly friendly.
Week 11
What rain? Photo Gallery What rain?
The rain came in droves, but so did Patriots Nation. It's only water, right? Pats now 10-1.
Week 10
KC showdown Photo Gallery KC showdown
The Patriots take care of business on the national stage with a Monday Night Football victory.
Week 9
Bills blowout Photo Gallery Bills blowout
The tailgate was long, but it was worth it. It's a fact: Drew Bledsoe cannot win in Foxborough.
Week 8
St. Louis smackdown Photo Gallery St. Louis smackdown
Way to bounce back, Pats! We're still looking for more photos ... send them!
Week 7
We got punched in the face. The streak ends...finally. We are not accepting photos for this week. Let's go Pats!
Week 6
Jets shot down Photo Gallery Jets shot down
The train kept a rollin'. Check out some of these Pats fan pics, but we're looking for more.
Week 5
Seattle: Check Photo Gallery Seattle: Check
Pats fans witnessed win No. 20 in a row over the pesky Seahawks, but we need more photos!
Week 4
Miami in town Photo Gallery Miami in town
Patriots Nation welcomed their team back to Gillette, and the team responded with another 'W'.
Week 3
A Buffalo trip Photo Gallery A Buffalo trip
It was a tough game in upstate N.Y., but Pats fans went home happy. New England still undefeated!
Week 2
In the desert Photo Gallery In the desert
Patriots fans represented in Arizona for the Pats win over the Cards.
Photo Gallery More fans in Ariz.
Week 1
Pats opener Photo Gallery Pats opener
Streak intact! Gillette Stadium was rocking for the Patriots opening night win over Indianapolis.
* Photos will be accepted for any week throughout the season. Comments and questions can be e-mailed to Chris Rattey at
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Biggest Pats fan ever?
Abington's Superfan Ford
Photo Gallery Abington's Superfan Ford
If you're going to own fish, you might as well make them Patriots fans. Meet Bill Ford, from Abington, the self-proclaimed biggest Patriots fan in the world. Are you a bigger Pats fan? Prove it.
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Your Patriot pets
Patriot pets
Photo Gallery Patriot pets
Meet Daisy and Jazzy, from Tustin, Calif., Peruse our gallery of Patriot pets, and if you've got a critter that's a big New England football fan, we want the picture to prove it.
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Pint-sized Patriots fans
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