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Was Tom Brady Working Out at Gillette While Patriots' Teammates Were at White House?

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The White House-gate speculation will continue until Tom Brady opens up, or Deflategate closes.

Superstar quarterback Tom Brady continues to stay silent regarding his decision to skip the trip to the White House last week when his Patriots' teammates were being honored for their Super Bowl victory.

While the Patriots last week would only say Brady's absence was due to a "family commitment," we finally may have a clue as to what Brady was up to last Thursday.

On Sunday,'s Mike Reiss reported that Brady was at Gillette Stadium while his teammates were being honored in Washington.

"For what it’s worth, I’m told Brady was present at the stadium for a stretch of time Thursday while many in the organization were at the White House," Reiss wrote in a blog entry.

Prior to the Whitehouse fallout, Brady -- reportedly the first player in the building -- was spotted at Gillette, taking part in the voluntary workout program that began on April 20.

The first phase of the program has two weeks of strength and conditioning work as well as rehabilitation workouts. During this stage, the players only are allowed to do conditioning drills with the training staff, and are not supposed to get instruction from the coaching staff.

The second phase of workouts begins the week of May 4.

Late Friday, ESPN's Darren Rovell shared a photo that appeared to be Brady trying on an Apple Watch at an Apple Store in New York City.

Brady was also reportedly taking family photos in the Big Apple on Sunday.

In the meantime, outspoken television and radio personality Stephen A. Smith denied that his comments on Brady skipping the visit with the president were racially charged.

File under: Neverending story.

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